Scared To Tell Until ...

Short and not so sweet. I was abused anally in grade school.  From then to my mid 40's I was troubled thinking I was queer.  "Gay" was not a word for this in the 60s 70s 80s etc.  I knew and know now I am not gay.  I just did not want to be touched be anyone.  In the 90s I confrointed this in the depths of depression.  Long story short after lots of woek, I want to be touched by a woman, males are on the no fly list.    Now I do not know how to capture all the contact and caring I lost.  I am not the guy putting up pics of his ****.   I just want some touch and see and touch a woman's body.
batsondbelfry batsondbelfry
56-60, M
Jan 22, 2013