A Woman Walks By

Down the street amidst the traffic a woman appears. She comes closer interested in only that of her own affairs as I admire.

From afar the curves that secretly hint at what lies beneath her clothing. Her unruly hair drifts and floats in the breeze as she tries to tame it with a hand. Her neck, so delicate and fragile as she turns her head, the smooth line of her jaw and chin outlines her beautiful face. Her smile and red painted lips below a nose and bright eyes.

Her legs and hips sway with her rythmic walk, almost hypnotically desireable as she walks past. Her skirt swishes audibly.

A hint of breasts beneath her blouse and only a quick glance is permitted at her wonderous cleavage. I admire the unpretentious sensuousness of her, a woman.

My day is brighter and my life enriched by the wonderous beauty that I behold. All women are like that to me.

46-50, M
9 Responses Jun 19, 2007

How beautifully this is written :)

God, I wish I had men like you around me!<br />
Make me feel good about myself. Probably would not have ended up ill..<br />

That is beautiful. You really make someone feel better about themself with that...

I love sculptures but they never quite can capture the true beauty of any woman. <br />
Canova's the three graces tries hard though...

Well articulated thats true there is a special glow in all women that light up the world.

Many Thanks...

Very Sorry; the statement was made that my writings were sexy and the question was asked if I really thought that way about all women.<br />
My response was in translation from Italian: For me all women have something of beauty and I always look for the beauty that is in all women...

In Engla, please??!!

Si, Per me, personalmente, tutte le donne hanno un qualcosa di bella...<br />
anzi bellisima. Cerco sempre quella cosa bella di tutte le donne<br />
Non esistano una donna che no lo trovo bella