Like a Field of Flowers...

There are hardly any words that can describe just how truly beautiful the female body is, in all forms. The fact that a woman's body is capable of so many things- invoking desire, harboring an unborn child, giving birth, nurturing thos she loves- makes each beautiful in my eyes, irregardless of physical traits that may not hold up to society's ideals. I think it is sad how so many absolutely gorgeous women hate themselves or think they are ugly. I wish I could tell each one how beautiful she is, even on a purely scientific, theoretical level- the ability to bring new life into the world is truly one of the most amazing abilities I could ever imagine. I just wish every woman would stop and take the time to appreciate the intricacy and and beauty of their physical forms, and that of other woman. Passing each woman on the street is like walking through a field of wildflowers- each one is unique, but stunning nonetheless.
alovelylove alovelylove
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6 Responses Jul 2, 2007

People become more beautiful when you get to know and love them. I have a friend who I never really found attractive before, I actually thought she was plain, but as I've gotten to know her, she gets prettier and prettier. I'm serious.

wow i love this metaphor of women being like a field of wild flowers..once, i was in europe and we were driving on a winding dirt road in the country side, and we stopped to admire the loveliest field of wild flowers i have ever seen. this post reminded me of that memory!

That much is true. Our ideals are mostly shaped, I believe, by what "society" deems as being acceptable, not by what we discover underneath.

But what changes is the person's perception of what makes someone beautiful. I think most people just have a limited ideal of beauty.

Um.. Well, a nice looking partner is definately a plus. I'm sure everybody has an ideal person in their mind and, let's be honest here, who wants an undesirable looking partner?

Hope you don't come across any of these wild-flower women that smell like stink weed! ;}