I think the female body is one of the most beautiful things in this entire world. When I was younger, I used to be so in awe of it. I didn't like the way the man's body looked. I didn't find all those muscles attractive or georgeous in any sort of way. And of course, it used to make me think I was probably bi-sexual. But now I realize women are just beautiful creatures. And I appreciate every single one of them. All body types, shapes and sizes. And it's made me really love my own body, though it's very different from the "ideal" of how a female should look, I know I've got a unique body that is special in it's own way. And I feel empowered to be a woman :) I believe a woman can do anything in this world. Even moreso than most men. Women are so powerful.
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I loved reading this.:D<br />
Ur a good writer:}!

Hehe, I totally agree. The world is all about boobs =D