The Woman's Body Make Me Suspire....

 Every part of a woman body is...

Soft, silky, with amazing curves. Word can't even express my love for it, every time I touch a woman it makes me melt and my ***** itches with a desire to be touch, caresses, fondle, licked, banged, ******, you know all of the above. 

Making a woman have a ******, puts shivers and shutters of pleasure down my body, it gets my *****, so wet my body will gush with absolute ecstasy. Feeling a woman body up against my porcelain soft skin makes me want to purr like a cat, I just want to rub my head against her breasts, lick, rub, suck, **** her entire body. Let my fingers and  my tongue get to know every curve, scent, and taste of this beautiful creature. Her complex genetic make-up is a gift from higher power, the human body should always be honored and praised. Until I thirst for a woman sweet soft nectar, all I can do is suspire in my memories. 

Yeahhot1 Yeahhot1
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2009