Girls - You Need Curves!

I love women's bodes.  I love a good set of ****, a nice curve of the hips and an *** to match!  I am so sick of today's society putting such a stigma on bodies.  I heard recently that certain designers were going to ban sickly models from their ads - I jumped for joy.  Who cares what size you are!!  I take a 3 in some designers and a 10 in others.  I don't care if I have to buy a size 22 - if it makes me look my best and I feel sexy in it who cares? 

Now, some may balk at me.  Yes, I am a typical California girl - blond hair, blue eyes, 5'8 36/25/37 - I just got my BMI taken at a wellness fair today and am only 23% body fat, but I work hard to look this way!  Some think I am a measly 120 pounds, but I have 135 pounds of muscle under here!! Again, I love women of all body types, and think, as long as you are treating your body like a temple, making healthy decisions [most of the time] and are confident with yourself you are sexy.  Most guys I know want curves - I know mine does and wants my *** to giggle a bit, and my hips to be curvy and soft!  THAT mentality is what needs to get put forth in the media!!  I will stop my rant now, and go watch some lesbian **** with REAL girls in it!

41-45, F
6 Responses Feb 16, 2009

love your attitude. it will happen one day.

i agree i love womens bodies and size isnt a criteria for beauty!! my fav part is vulva smooth slick and the way it curves is so hot......

well said akm31! as long as you take care of yourself & your body, you can be beautiful no matter what size you are. & i know that men like curves on a woman, after all if they didn't, then they'd be with a man! rock girl!<br />
it doesnt matter what size as long as you are healthy and feel sexy from the inside thats wat it counts the most :)<br />
<br />
well done

You are a hottie. With you working out like that............WOW!<br />
<br />
I hope that one day we will pass each other and take notice.<br />
<br />

OH and I wanted to add, that I am the one that points out all the hot girls to my husband!