The Female Body Is Heavenly

The female body is so beautiful, it's a shame it isn't appreciated the way it should be.

SoakedInSoul SoakedInSoul
13 Responses Apr 30, 2009

One of the greatest things about the form of a woman's body is how well (and how many different ways) it matches up my body...........

curvy dark and pale redhead women ;-) and some men are hot too!!! ;-) ;-) i cn think of a few..

wow...that's great...but you haven't told anyone what it is you love about a body...I know from years of experience that men will still love a woman who has great legs but a bit of cellulite on her thighs...or a fab hourglass shape, but a small tummy...<br />
<br />
Women are alllllll about the details my, go ahead....tell us the small bits you love about our bods...

i love female bodies,even if i am a female...I hink they are beautiful,while men on the other hand are ...kind of offense -_-

is cellulite beautiful?

agree with all the statements.

Agree. I can't think of anything more beautiful than a woman. Her body and her soul, which I think go together. No doubt God's greatest creation, if there is a God.

I love the curves of my body. It is beautiful.

I agree with all the above sentiments all i will add is never let another doctrine get in the way of what is is in front of you. Thw body is anex<x>pression of the soul and should be revered as just that. Men and women were created equal and the soul is androginous so both parts go together....

Elequant words, and well said. A woman is fine art indeed. The only thing more beautfull to then a woman, is a woman in motion. Her words and gestrues are the exspession of her mind, the essence of the masterpiece we are beholding.

The female form is to adored and bathed by the eyes of the beholder, it is to be admired and breathed in for its aromatic qualities, it is to be tasted for is deliciousness and it is to be touched for is soft skin, curvy lines, mounds of joy and pleasure, depths of exploration and kissed for passion and fire. A woman's body is a multi-media art for that is living and interactive. It is to be admired not only in its till form but in movement of all types.<br />
A woman's body, and the woman within it use thier body and their attitude to convey the essence of woman as they see it and wish to use it. They beckon men or women and they love, care, pleasure, push away or just tease others with their treasure within their bosom or eyes and reward with their bodies of body parts as they deem appropriate. For the woman is the most powerful thing on earth and she wields her power very quietly and stealthily.<br />
Some short ramblings om the female form and her beauty and her power and her abilities. Much more can be written and said, but this is just a beginning!

The female body is indeed intoxicating in so many ways. What really makes it sparkle so is the woman inside the body!