Me Too.

It's not unusual for females to "check out" more females than males.  For instance girls, honestly speaking, when a girl and guy walk into a room together who do you check out more?  THE GIRL.  Of course.  Perhaps there's some innate competitive streak or females are driven somehow to compare themselves endlessly to others of the same gender.  I don't know, really.  Even in an admiring way, girls are given more attention than boys by both sexes.  Perhaps because a vast majority of boys are fairly gross...
WorldWarYou WorldWarYou
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2007

females are beautiful! period end of sentence. beyond this what other motivation does one need to admire another body? i'm straight as they come but ... i'm not gonna lie bout it, the female body is a beautiful work of art. do i compare myself with them ... maybe ... more than anything i admire those who 'take care' of themselves - they deserve the positive attention they receive for taking pride in their appearance! at least that's my personal motto regarding the attention i receive ...

You hit it on the head exactly as to why females check out other females. And I'd know, as I am one. So now... You really do know!!