Can't Find the Words !!!!

           For I know I do love the female body.

I am at a loss for words..

It is a wonderful sight !!!!

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Thanks all........

Could not have said that any better. I am with you on this. Thanks for sharing your comment. Greatly appreciated....

i struggle with feeling beautiful and so i am glad i have learned to admire beauty in other women. i once had a whole profile on another site filled with images of beautiful women (and a few men) and all my friends thought i was trying to tell them i was homosexual or bisexual. i tried to explain that admiring other women helps my own self esteem. at the time i was going through a very hard time with a man who i adored but did not give me back the affection compliments touches and basically left me feeling completely undesirable. my self confidence was gone and i just shut down sexually. i found if i can really see that another woman's particular attribute is beautiful or this one's whole image is beautiful, without envy but with admiration, it has become easier for me to accept that maybe i look that way too through someone else's eyes. it's really hard. no one knows how beautiful they are to others. all of us need massive doses of self-love i think! any minute now i'm sure i'll meet a man who wants to worship me like a goddess :) in the meantime i have to love myself more.

SS you are so right on target. Thanks for posting...

AC your so right so much beauty.....

Pix I know where your coming from. Thanks hon.

Amen Pixter!!!! So much beauty in each woman!

I love them as well ... not in a sexual way but in admiration ... they are beautiful :-)