She Changed The Way I Look At Legs.

I use to prefer girls with the long slim legs.  I still love them but now I have a wider view .  I opened up my thinking during my first date with a girl I met in a hot tub.

She had the most awesome legs I ever saw.  Yes, they were muscular and full figured.  Not like a juiced up body builder but in a natural looking way. The way those legs looked in high heels and a short skirt was jaw dropping.  The shaped of her calves and how her defined muscles would grab people's attention when she walked. I found her full figured thighs enhanced her feminine curves. She had toned but slender arms and shoulders so she looked all women.  A women with a upper body that looks like a man is such a turn off.

She was a fitness buff.  I worked out too so we started to work out together. Women are generally the weaker sex physically but that does not mean a women who works out seriously can't develop some serious strength, especially in the legs. Up to then I worked out mainly my upper body so sure my upper body was many times stronger but her legs were stronger than mine.  I was surprised how much I did not care. Some of the exercises she could do requiring leg strength and flexibility blew me away.

Its funny how that one women changed my tastes.

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Speaking of woman with strong legs. Tender your legs are pretty darn strong ...incredibly sexy too.

Happy for you. I had a shorter girlfriend in college that worked out. She had a perfect figure, just 6" shorter than I would normally go for. The full package is what counts, not just the legs they walk on.

Yes I agree with you. If long legged girls walk in their shortest shorts on the streets, there is absolutely no doubt that young and old definitely meet with the accidents. I die for a long legged girl.

Yes, you are so correct. Holding on to a narrow view only hinders our own growth as people.It is neat how it applies to the physical aspect too.

I like finding these people.<br />
<br />
Those who I'll say catapult you out of your box of physical type. I always thought I'd go for tall men but nooooo... I met a dazzling shortie and never looked back ever since, LOL.<br />
<br />
I didn't use to look at curly haired guys either and then I met one who's mischievous and intelligent and just like that, my perception changed. Funny thing, this attraction business, huh?