My First Love

It was a cold night and I was manning the emergency department of cardiology when a man aged around 55and writhing in pain was brought there.I did an EKG for him and found that he was suffering from acute coronary syndrome with impending heart attack.He was brought there by his 22 year daughter who looked helpless. I had no to time waste and immediately went for thrombolysis. That helped the man and he survived and was discharged from the hospital the next week. In the mean time thegirl interacted with me on anumber of occasionsand I came to know their economic condition was not that good.She was very grateful to me as ,sensing their economic problem , I arranged for the costly medicines from our stock.The girl was in the meantime working as an agent of life insurance company. Initially I started a policy and later on helpedher find some more customers which were of great help to her. We came very close to each other and she used discuss her problems and sought my advice on quite afew occasions.One day while roaming by the river I suggested her to watch a movie together.But that was a movie with severalintimate scenes.Till then I did not have any physical feeling but while watching the intimate scenes I passionately touched her hand and she shuddered and blushed.After the movie aws over I asked her to cometomy place and she respondes positively.She aws lookin grand in her dress .A beautiful freshness in .her appearance made me all the more charged. Her nice looking young face with one or two sweat -drops,the heaving chest was a rapid turn on for me.Her lovely not so big breasts pushing up the front of her dress as lightly kissed her and with one finger traced the outline ofher boobs.I also liked her firm buttsand the beautiful love triangle made me mad .I wathced and explored her naked beauty before making love to her

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No offense Doc, but you type like doctors generally write.

Is she a virgin?