Why I Love The Female Body

Women are beautiful. Smooth. Sensual. Alluring. They're it. And I'm a little jealous, not completely but just a little. I mean, why is it that men are (on average) stronger, rougher, and not nearly as attractive as most women? Because we were built to protect women. And it's not that they can't take care of themselves, men are just the more logical sacrifice then women. Women are capible of doing all of the things that we can, but we are not capible of doing all of the things they can.

I adore the beauty of every women. I can see something desireible in just about every woman I meet. And sometimes it causes me to stare, but just because I am staring at them doesn't mean that I am lusting after them. It's like that feeling that you get as soon as you meet someone new. Sometimes a certain type of person will just give off a weird vibe that makes you uncomfortable around them.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just a kook and it's a good thing I keep to myself.

aphrade2btru aphrade2btru
22-25, M
Mar 15, 2010