Back In The 50's Again

All my elementary school years were spent back in the 50's. So many sounds and smells that stick with still today. The smell of that new box of crayons, the feel of those new shoes and the poodle skirt with all those petticoats that would flop up in your face when you sat down, and had to be tucked under your desk at school. Dad had a service station back in the 50's complete with a soda cooler that was a large metal box with several racks that held the top of the soda bottles and suspended them in ice first experience with coin operated devices and Orange Crush soda. It is so much better coming out of that cooler, icy cold and dripping wet on a hot summer day.
Transportation for kids in the 50's was bikes, so getting your first one was a very big deal. You now had the freedom to travel all over town, something you never could do on foot.
The 60's defined my life, but the 50's hold all the wonderful childhood memories.
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i am really jealous. i love the 1950s i grew up in the 90s but never really fit in. now im trying to surround myself with the clothing and furniture from that decade. and i feel really comfortable with it. i wear suits with a fedora and wingtips. i drive a big blue 1958 Cadillac. i play music on my recordplayer. and keep the 50s theme growning in my dailly life. it was nice to hear your story. great to meet some one who was around that time.

I think that Jerry said it all very well.

Pretty dresses and skirts full of petticoats. I wore them also and loved them very much.

Houses never had locks on them. You leave town for a week and you never locked the door. People were honest and you could trust them even us teens.

1932 ford coops and rumble seats. We put new "rebuilt" engines in them They would have been great restored.

Those Nehi drinks. They were the biggest "16 oz".and the best.

Your girl setting on the ice cream freezer while you turned the crank, snuck kisses and peaked up her skirts. All you could see were petticoats.

15 cents got you into the double feature movie with popcorn and drink.

The drive ins on Friday and Satruday night. A couple of us would hide in the trunk. The back seat opened up and you could get out without opening the trunk.

A and W root beer in those frozen mugs and your favorite girl.''

THe Sunday Mornng Paper. All of the teens who got caught parking on Friday and Satruday nights were listed on the front page of the paper. It was embrassing especially when our parents read our names there.

The police would bring my sister home after she got stopped for drag racing through town. She was never ticketed or taken to jail just given to my dad. She had a souped up 54 Oldmobile with 3 two barrel carbs. It would get up and go.

I bought a 57 Pontaic. My dad cosigned for me by shaking hands with the banker. I was 17 years old and made every payment myself.

Every adult in town was your Dad and Mom and kept an eye on you but also were there for you.

The police were really your friends and took care of you. You could respect and trust them.

They 50s were the greastest, Elvis, Theresa Brewer "my favorite", The great country singers. The great and beauitful ladies of song. All the singers men, women, girls and boys dressed well and looked good. Also they could sing.

There was no Alcohol "Northern half of Louisiana was dry. There were no drugs. If you got a girl pregnat your dad and her dad got the shortgun and the two of you got married and you took care of your baby forever. I only knew of a couple in four years. You could not buy your dad cigaretes "for you to use". An adult had to buy them and give them to you.

Everyone went to church even though we could get into as much trouble at church as anywhere else. Our church teens would go and get watermelons,etc form the neighbor fields. We never destroyed his crops and he was ok with it.

Everone who wanted a job had one. People were happy and enjoyed life. Most of us were poor but did not know it.

The fifties were the greatest and I still love my petticoats. Enjoy

just amazing. dont need to say anymore. oh wait im really really jealous.

The orange crush soda isn't comparable to the slush beverages nowadays?

I grew up in a rural environment in Germany.

no, entirely was a very orange flavored soda