My Heaven

I wish, right now,… I could be lying in a sun-dappled forest on a warm summer afternoon, with nothing but a blanket, some wine and my thoughts. Watching the sunlight flicker with the slight, heady breeze, and the dust motes and tiny flying things floating all around. It’s amazing how something so simple and singularly insignificant can make an otherwise ordinary moment into something otherworldly.
I love the smells of the forest, the damp earth and wild flowers’ perfume drifting lazily by. Nothing to interrupt – except the slight rustle of leaves and an occasional bird that always sounds far away somehow, though it may be right above me.
Later, falling asleep, lying in a tent listening to the sound of cool rain drumming lightly, bringing comfort in a too-warm night. Snuggled deep in mussed up bedding, the morning’s first light beginning to filter in… simply waiting, so content to not be rushed or assaulted by the noise and demands of my ‘real life’.
Slipping outside, brazenly naked, wading into the slightly-too-cool mountain lake water – with no witness save the sky and trees that surround me. Then floating, watching the stray cloud as it passes by…
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Power to you! It's such a sad thing, how few among my peers who can appreciate the natural world. The forest is my cathedral, in a way. There are few places in this world where one can feel closer to god :]

I was ready to slide in under that blanket with you. ;)<br />
<br />
I think some of the forests I've been lucky enough to experience have made the grandest cathedrals look dim and dingy in comparison. Truly an old forest with the varied and deep greens, with the leave and pine needles so deep that it seems one is walking on air. <br />
<br />
Your writing takes me there.