I've been writing and deleting this since last night. He sent me presents yesterday. He phoned me in the morning to ask me if I would be home, at that point they arrived. I got roses, 12 of each of my favourite coloured ones. I also got shoes, which I don't want to look at. I thanked him, I didn't really let him say anything, just a thank you, hope you're ok and then I made an excuse to go.

I hate that. I hate this whole situation. He's still got a little hold on me, not much, but it's still there.

And this morning he wakes me with a phone call. It's completely wrong. I told him I couldn't speak, but I know we're going to have to have this conversation at some point. Maybe he took our breakthrough the wrong way, I was just glad to be speaking to him without feeling upset. I don't know anymore.

I have three weddings to go to this year, it should have been four, the fourth one being mine.

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Mine too



Thank you x

Very crappy<br />
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Big hugs hon. It's a crappy situation in which you're both losers.

thank you x

He's driven by guilt. We never should have got together so soon.<br />
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Thank you x

A sad conclusion to a story of frustration, lala. If I have read this correctly, it sounds like this man does not really know what he wants. I hope you can find happiness somehow, soon.

That means a lot x

Thanks x