This Is One of My Dreams..probably the Biggest

I would love to work at I'm sure most of the world would as well.  But for me, this is an actual dream, one that keeps me awake at night just from the excitement that the thought gives me. 

Before I was paralyzed in my accident, (Please see my blog or stories for more) I was an LPN with a two-year nursing degree that I had worked very hard for yet absolutely loved obtaining.  (I am a little bit of a geek..I love I was in the process of finishing nursing school for my RN, and loved getting up and going to work everyday.  This is one thing that I lost after my accident and realized I had taken for granted.   I think most people do take it for know the everyday thought of "Uuuggghhh, I have to get up and go to work tomorrow."  Well, now that I can not leave my home and go to work everyday, I feel that something great was taken from me.  Something that I cherished even more than my ability to walk, which was also taken from me.  I loved knowing that I was going out everyday and in my own way, making a difference in the world by earning a paycheck and supporting my child ( I only had one at the time) on my own.  That paycheck meant the world to me every week, because I knew that my time away from my daughter and my agonizing and sometimes stressful days really did pay off at the end of the week.  It was so worth it in the end. 

Now, I am unable to leave my home to work, and struggle everyday with the stresses of the low income household.  And the sad part is, I did not take the path in my life to deserve or earn those stresses.  ( I am not implying that anyone, no matter their circumstances ever deserve living from a low income..absolutely no hard feelings or judgements intended)  I had struggled my way through college after high school, as a single mother, and was continuing my education with the idea that the sky was the limit.  I had sacraficed what seemed to have been so much to get to where I was in life.  I never asked or even dreamed of my accident or even my injury to ever occur.  And in reality, there isnt one single glimpse of blame that can ever be put on me where the accident is concerned.  I was a victim of a really bad incident. 

Yeah, I get a check every month that barely covers my bills, and I may lose my house to foreclosure, but more than that I have lost the dignity that having a job and earning a paycheck from week to week had blessed my life with.  Sure, I am still continuing my education, online and from home, and one day I will be able to hopefully land a job with my new degree from home, but until then everything just seems so completely out of reach for me.  I have to struggle and worry day to day, how I am going to feed my children and pay the gas bill so that we have heat and stay warm in the winter's cold.  I have no resources to be able to say, well I will have a paycheck coming next week to pay know the working person's peice of mind.  Nope, not me, the money I get on the first day of the month is it..the only check that I will receive for that month..and trust me it is not enough to survive off of...can we say only $626.00..and no I am not kidding. 

So for those of you in this group, that can say you work from home, do not ever take it for granted.  Life can change in a split second, and everything that you have always taken for granted (not saying you take working from home for granted, but lets be real all of us take something for granted) can be gone.  You are all so blessed, and I will continue to pray every day and night, that I too will be able to reach my goal and be able to say "I love the freedom being able to work from home gives me".  The sky is the limit..


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You will reach your hopes goals and dreams....If you will allow me...You are my 2010 project of success....Lets build your home business...amen<br />
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Lutian Murphy

Thank you so much! I keep believing that I will one day reach everyone of my hopes and dreams :)

You are a sweetie pie! A person with a mind like yours, will not have a problem achieving what they want in life.