Cob Webs

It is only recently that I have taken notice of these cobwebs in my garden with the frost being "deposited" on them. The pure white outlines were truly beautiful.

I just stood there next to a few of these on the pergola and on the fencing admiring the beauty and detail that the spiders had taken to built their web.

Snow, ice and frost have their own beautiful side in addition to the chaos that they create.

Take a few moments the time you have the opportunity to see one of these and just soak in the beauty.
HardingP119 HardingP119
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I saw your story and had to walk out to my balcony to see the web that is there. I have been so busy packing and unpacking boxes that I haven't had a chance to stop and appreciate the simple things. Thank you for your story. It was a reminder for me to stop and see the beauty.

Isn't that nice of you. Yes, it is the simple things that we have ignored, that carry a message for us busy people.