Gazette = Life

I'm immensely proud of the fact that I was at their first ever London live! Awesome - more awesome than i thought possible! i can't wait for it to happen again.

Gazette are my favourite band in the world, bar none! i love Ruki's lyrics, i like them cos they have meaning to them. Kai is lovely and i think the girl he marries is a very lucky *****. Plus i have a major fangirl crush on the lead guitarist [drool] which is slightly worrying. i get posters as freebies when i buy their stuff [and i buy LOTS] so the wall behind me *gestures* is papered with them - you cant see the paint under them.

My tracklist - all the songs i own put together - stretches to 6.5 hours. which i think is impressive. I've learned about 12 songs in the original japanese [but i sing them really badly lol]

is anyone getting the new Saitama Arena DVD? hot stuff that will be XD

jiyuunatori jiyuunatori
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1 Response Nov 19, 2009

no, I have never heard of Saitama Arena, but i really like the Gazette. I got into their music not too long about last week, and hey- that's freaking awesome that you got to see them live!! I've never been to a concert of any of my favorite bands =/ I really hope one day I can. what's it like to see a band live?? o_O i want to know!! :D

well that dvd was new at the time of writing. they've also done Tokyo Dome which is stupidly big, but so good to watch. the new album Toxic is also their best yet - check out the songs Suicide Circus and My Devil On The Bed! XD

awesome!! :D I heard of Suicide Circus, and i love that song!! im not so sure about my devil on the bed, though, and well, i never heard of Tokyo Dome.