Most Important Movie Ever Made , Period

This movie has everything ; man's relationships with God , nature , self , technology , beauty , culture , the list goes on . It shows that despite all advances , we are still children of the earth . It breaks my heart that those of us in a highly industrialized society have almost lost sight of the wonder of the world around us and how we have lost touch with the very ground beneath our feet . This is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for our age and I hope that more peple can watch and laugh at Andrew , Mpudi , and ourselves . The ending where Xi stands at the " end of the world " and returns the " EVIL THING " to the gods will forever be my favorite movie moment .

Tanengreen Tanengreen
36-40, M
5 Responses Jan 23, 2010

Youtube has the first and second movies , you gotta watch em both if you can .

Hi Tanengreen<br />
interesting - thanks will go watch it on utube<br />

I've been looking for it on DVD . My VHS died years ago . Thanks Youtube for letting me watch

that was a good movie need to buy that movie someday

A great movie that few are aware of, so simple, yet so deep in its message.