Another Great Movie I Accidentally Saw...

Back before the internet got going, I used to stay up late and watch movies on Cinemax. You never knew what you'd see, some weren't so hot, but others were gems. "The Gods Must Be Crazy" is one of the gems. For such a seemingly simple movie, it sure is hard to explain. The main story is about a group of Africans who have a coke bottle thrown from an aircraft fall into their lives. At first the bottle is seen as a multi-purpose gift from the gods. Then the infighting over the possession of the bottle begins, and their leader figures that "The Gods Must Be Crazy" and they need to throw the evil bottle off the end of the world. They don't know where the end of the world is, so they send one of their men out to find it and get rid of the bottle. The rest of the story is his journey to the end of the world. The film addresses the question of who is smarter, bushmen or, modern man. In the end, the bushmen seem to have the most common sense in the whole deal.  If you spot the DVD, take the opportunity to watch it.

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4 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I sow this movie when I was a kid and I still remember it. Great story.

My mom loves this movie. It was one of the first DVDs she got when she got a pla<x>yer.

I was unaware of any sequels, I'll have to check them out, thanks!

I really enjoyed this movie. Did you know there is a 2 and a 3? You can watch them free on Youtube. I have not seen 3 but 2 is hilarious, you will enjoy.