First, let me say I LOVE The Golden Girls! I have all the seasons on DVD and quote from the show often. In one episode Blanche was talking to Dorothy and trying to explain how she was feeling. She said Im not blue, Im not green with envy and she said she calls that feeling "magenta" because it was her least favorite color and her least favorite feeling. She managed to give that upset, uncomfortable feeling a name.

Ive learned a lot though, just from watching the show.

Once on Saturday Night Live they were playing a game called Make Betty White Flinch and Bam Margera skated off a quarter pipe and slammed into a plexiglass wall in front of Betty White. She never flinched!
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I saw the word magenta on something and thought of Blanche describing how she felt! Haha!

I feel magenta often and love the way it is used to explained feelings.