Soccer Mom And A Dead Head... Their Music Just Makes Me Happy!

One of the benefits of having a brother 13 years older than myself is that I was exposed to a lot of great music early on. He kept me away from the Osmonds and their ilk by giving me his albums. The Who, the Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead were the first of many. These bands are still in my top 10. The Grateful Dead just happen to occupy a special place in my heart.

I first saw them in 1978 and went on to see them another 88 times before Jerry died. Their music is incredible to me. It always makes me happy. I always associate their music with the good times in my life and they are well represented on any playlist I create to cheer myself up. Even "Sing Me Back Home" can lift my spirits, because Jerry's vocals touch my soul.

I have gotten a lot of judgement from people over the 30 some years (really almost 40) I have been a self-avowed Dead Head. Only 2 or 3 of those years did I fit the stereotype of tie-died twirler smoking questionable things. People assumed I was following a fad. Even now judgements about me are still made. "Stay away from that minivan driving soccer Mom, she likes the Grateful Dead!" Well this is no fad and their music will be a part of me til I die. "Sing Me Back Home" WILLbe played at my funeral!

I just ask that people keep an open mind to their music. Robert Hunter's lyrics are poetry. Jerry's guitar and banjo playing are with a closer listen. Don't get got up in the hype. Just let them sing your blues away.

Good bless the Grateful Dead
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Still makes me soo happy. Miss Jer.

I had the same experience with older siblings helping me appreciate great music, so I can't even remember when I first started listening to the Dead. I also know what you mean by people making judgments based on the fact that I'm a Deadhead, even though I don't look and don't often dress like the stereotype. Fortunately, I've also succeeded in turning a range of people on to the Dead and Jerry, though in a lo of cases, I had to encourage them to push everything they think they know about the Dead and Deadheads out of their minds. Still, there are some who stick to their stereotypes and misplaced judgements so firmly that even though I felt confident that they'd otherwise like the Dead a lot, I couldn't get them to budge.

In any case, if you want to chat more, let me know. I don't talk to enough other Deadheads anymore!