Best Horror Movie Franchise Ever

"Oh how uncomfortable that word must feel on your lips, good, evil, there is no good there is no evil there is only flesh."

"We will tear your soul apart."

The Hellraiser movies are the best horror movies ever made IMO, so many classic moments. 

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2 Responses Nov 26, 2009

Your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell.

It can be a pretty full-on series at points, like the man that gets ripped apart by meathooks through his flesh (albeit what he says is kind of funnily true, in a somewhat sadistic manner: "Jesus wept..." while softly laughing), but I will admit it is a very interesting and original concept and Pinhead's surprisingly engaging. He has some of the best and memorable lines.<br />
<br />
"But if you try to trick us--" (some other Cenobite)<br />
"We'll tear your soul... apart!" - that is an awesome line. I sometimes find myself reciting it just for fun