Bilbo Baggins And Me

Bilbo Baggins such a character- he might be short, appear weak, but his story is amazing.
I love how Gandalf decides him in both the book and movie. Bilbo is someone like me. He is comfortable at home, reading a book in front of the fire place, but sometimes things happen in life and well he and I are similar. There is much more to both of us than what might be visible at first sight.
Bilbo Baggins has everything he needs to live a simple and quiet life. But then fate unexpectedly turns and instead of crumbling Bilbo Baggins and I manage to ford through the crashing waves and terrible darkness of fear and come out stronger and better people. I am still on my adventure, but i hope it improves.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Deja vu. Lol. I love him too. Reminds me of me, but a bit harrier.

I agree totally.