Happy Holidays!!!

The holidays bring family and friends together. My grandma and grandpa were all the way in the Philippines but they came from there to New Jersey and spent the Christmas with us. With friends, this season, I had a little secret gift exchange even though everyone told who they had. We all got together on the last day of school before break and exchanged gifts. I love getting gifts but for Christmas and any other holiday, I really don't think its necessary. To me, although its cliche-d, I think that its the thought that counts. People worry and drag themselves to places to get gifts for people because they have to, not even because they want to. Christmas and Hanukkah and every holiday are supposed to be special and to celebrate it with family and friends make the holidays more enjoyable. On Christmas eve, all of my dad's side of my family and some of my mom's side came over to my house and had a huge party like we do every year. The adults to their thing while us kids do ours, but by the end of the night we all join together and play songs on the insrtuments that we play and sort of sing along. Its what we've been doing every year since I could remember and its the reason why I look forward to the holidays.

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1 Response Dec 26, 2008

you are so right. i rather recieve the gift of just being together with family and eating a good dinner, than presents. i mean, you can get the same things any time of the year. we should give eachother presents anytime, if we are in a store and something reminds us of someone, we should get the present and give it to them just because.