Biblical Holy Spirit Baptism

When I was 18 a guy was telling me about Jesus and a super bright blinding white light appeared and I asked God to forgive me of my sins. Years later I asked God to make me a new person and fell asleep in peace. I woke up about an hour later -speaking in tongues. I've read of Smith Wigglesworth and am looking for people who have received the supernatural tongues of the HS baptism. Thank you.
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Read my bible verses on the Holy Spirit in my stories.

Years ago, I was living filled with the Holy Ghost and thought "hey I wonder if I can speak in tongues?" So I started talking in Hebrew. I knew it was Hebrew but had no idea what I was saying. I only remembered saying "Gamarrah" and stopped myself because I didn't know for sure if it was the spirit or me making stuff up. So I asked some Jewish people for interpretation of one of the words I remembered "Mishnah" but no one knew it that I asked so I forgot about it. Btw this is before Google. Lol. Years later an Orthodox Jew who I told the story to not only interpreted it but gave me a book of Mishnah which are ancient laws of God and Gemmarah is the interpretation of the Mishnah, not the Sodom and Gomorrah I thought I was talking about which was in fact evil but it was a wonderful experience as it was a very happy praising of God. I remember that day forever. I had not ever been Jewish or heard the word Mishnah before so I feel it came from beyond.

Hi praise jesus that is an amazing testimony god is awesome yer!!! Smith wiggles worth has to be one of my main men mighty awesome!!! That's a miracle!!!! Yes I have gift to and it's a true blessing feel so close to him!!!

Great. Write me at if you would. Praise Jesus.