Ok so now I'm sure all of u know about the hunger games, but there's something that I also noticed in a new series called Divergent.
Divergent and The Hunger Games are almost exactly the same. Think about it in Divergent they have the factions and in the Hunger Games they have the Districts.
In Divergent Jeannine Matthews is in control over factions, in the Hunger Games president Snow is in control over the Games and Districts.
Both hero's of Divergent and The Hunger Games are females, In Divergent it is Beatrice Prior who destroys the factions ( with a little help from the faction-less) In the Hunger Games it is Katniss Everdean who kills President Snow.
Both series have a romantic twist in them, In Divergent Beatrice falls in love with Tobias but she also betrayed him by going with Marcus (Tobias Dad) to the erudite headquarter to revive the information that the abnegation were hiding from the other factions for years. In the Hunger Games Katniss loves both Gale and Peeta well technically she falls in love with him after quite a while.
In Divergent they discovered the outside world because of war they were kept inside the fence for years and years. In the Hunger Games they discover District 13 is real and is underground. ( Turns out those two crazy chicks form District 4 were right)
So I guess that's all, feel free to ask me any question about either Divergent or The Hunger Games, as u can see I pretty much know everything.
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How is it a dirt poor district has a place that makes designer pastries? Doesn't that seem a bit out of place?

Come to think of it, how could Peeta learn such stealth-like camouflage by using cake icing? In real life, you would see mud, and a pink face that read "Happy Birthday!"