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Horny And Bored, So I Wrote This Rape Story Randomly :)

It had been a long tiring day, and I’m exhausted by the time I get home. Locking the door behind me, I walk into the kitchen and pour myself a glass of wine. Something feels odd though, and when I hear a click come from the living room, all my senses go on full alert. I make my way back to the front of the house cautiously, only to find myself staring into your masked face. I stand there, frozen to the spot in shock and fear, knowing in my gut what you want. I weigh my options in my head though. I could make a run for it, or I could try fighting you. As I’m thinking, you take a step further inside, and slowly close the door, your eyes never leaving mine. When I hear the door click shut, something in me snaps and I turn around and make a dash for the back door. I’m almost there when I feel your hand catch me by my hair painfully. You pull me back to you with a grunt and wrap one arm around me tightly, as the other rips the shirt from my body. I’m not wearing a bra and as soon as the cold air touches my bare skin, my nipples harden to tight peaks. I feel your smile against my hair and I’m ashamed and angry at the same time. You turn me around and push me against the wall, grinding your hips into me, letting me feel how hard you are. I try my best to fight you off, scratching and kicking and punching. But the more I struggle, the harder your **** gets. You grab me by my hair again and drag me to the closest bedroom, throwing me onto the bed. I turn around and try running away, but you ****** my ankle and twist it hard, showing me who’s boss. Once you’ve tied my hands above my head with your belt, you take my pants off. I kick and scream “NO NO NO” but it’s all for nothing. You slide a finger inside my tight *****, then two, and continue to finger **** me until I get real real wet. Wrapping your hands around my throat, you pull my face up to yours and tell me to “Shut the **** up you little ****!” I tell you to go to hell and spit in your face. You ******* love that! You roll me over, slap my *** hard a couple of times before propping it up, and ram your unbelievably huge hard **** straight into my young tight *****. You pound my ***** over and over and over again, dumping load after load after load inside me, and all over me. To my horror, I can feel myself ******* but I try my best not to. It’s pointless though, and before I know it, I *** all over your ****. “You dirty little ****, tell me no and you ******* *** so hard on my ****! You ******* love Daddy's big **** filling that ***** with ***, don't you, you dirty *****?” you yell at me. I bury my face into the bed, tears of shame streaming down my face. Just when I think it’s over, you turn me around, spread my legs, and bury your **** in my abused ***** again, “We’re not done yet baby” you say with a grin. “Daddy’s gonna **** you again. How you like that???”
texancowgirl texancowgirl 18-21, F 40 Responses May 28, 2012

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**** yeah

I'm so bored and need a guy. In NZ at the moment though....

ugh someone eat me out already should be a writer !!!

Im so horny please message me im bi

Oh I am so horny right now, someone message me? I'm Bi sexual ;)

so horny after reading this

make more! damm!


Oh wow. This did indeed get me wet. Now I am just desperate to have sex with someone. Anyone available?

Im available

So hot right now

Oh I like that ;)

So, sexy

wow - you are an amazing writter

You are a great writer. Such animalistic lust.

Very intense experience with the mental understanding of the shame and humiliation.


Hot story.

Horny and bored. Wow id like to see excited.

mmm great story with mutual benefits...waiting for part

WOW,hot story

i am getting horny


Nice way to meet someone isn't it? That was a great story.

One of the best rape fantasies I've read!

a lil rough, but still nice and hot! luv bein called a *****!

great story :)

Nice rough fantasy you got there. I really want to make this a reality for a girl some day.

Kinda too rough but nice random story time write a random sensual story on the other hand.;-)

It's good a Texas girl like you understands being rode hard and put up wet.

Extremely arousing i dont know if i wish i was you or him lol yee both seemed to have a good time

AS good read..tks for writing.

That's ******* hot ;)

That was wonderful. Being forced by somebody to submit their will. What a story...thanks for sharing.

Hot sexy story babe ! id love to see and hear more ! add me up please. xo peter

Hot soooo ******* hot. Please add me.

wow great story very hot


good girl, love the story

Aren't u bored again to write another lovely fantasy of urs

Daddy likey ;) lol


can i do that to you sometime? ;)

you my texas cowgirl Want it again and again until fully
satiated your eyes roll back in your head and you pass
out totally unconcious rubber legged, bliss.
n ice story.