Feminization - From Hair and Make-up to a Red Dress


Story 2

(A continuation of Story 1 called 'Entrapment and Transformation' in ''Live to be Girlie and Feminine')

Feminization – From hair and make-up to a new red dress  

Having released me from my cage and enjoyed their game of restraining me in order to bleach, perm and cut my hair before giving me full female make-up and manicure, My Mistress and her lover Sophia stand back to admire their work as the straps which hold my arms, chest and legs are released. There is no longer a threat that I will try to escape to meet my wife as arranged for the changes in my appearance, some relatively permanent, mean that I fear to take even one step out of my new mistress’s front door. The man I was yesterday before being enticed into this house in my drunken state has gone and what I see in the mirror, at least above shoulder height, is a beautifully made up girl. My hair, my eyes, my cheeks and my lips are so feminine in appearance I can hardly believe it is me. I touch my face with my fingers; my hands with their beautiful pink nails gently caress my facial skin and then stroke the hair style Sophia has so masterfully given me.  My body is hairless and my skin is smooth and perfumed.   “Mistress,” I tentatively plead as I turn to her wondering where my masculinity is disappearing to, “Do you like the way I look?” “Of course, darling, Sophia is an expert, you look beautiful.” My Mistress moves towards me and slowly leans forwards to kiss me gently on my new pouting lips. I sigh pleadingly as she looks into my eyes and she smiles, “What is it little one?” Again, I wonder where the male in me is going but, concerned as I am, I realise that I want to go further and hesitantly ask: “I feel strange with this hair style and make-up and… ,” I pause, my eyes close as I cannot believe what I am about to say. Sophia giggles and takes My Mistress’s arm, “I do believe she wants to go even further!” My Mistress reads my mind, “You would like us to dress you?” I nod silently and bow my head in shame. “Darling, don’t be shy or ashamed, we’d love to dress you!”  Sophia seems overjoyed and rushes out of the bathroom to return with a pair of panties and a bra in matching pink lace. They are placed on me but although the straps have been loosened and the last hook is used to fasten it the bra is very tight. My Mistress provides some foam pads which are duly placed in each cup. I am ordered to sit down on the chair while Sophia slides stockings up my legs and My Mistress attaches a suspender belt to my waste. The bulge in my panties is huge and Sophia decides I need my penis tucking between my legs. She mischievously lowers the panties, cuts some strips of wide elastoplast, applies it to my belly just below my panty line and pulls the ***** through my legs until my penis is tucked and contained between my legs while my testes are squeezed up into the cavities in my lower abdomen. More plaster secures me and my front is flat although I am uncomfortable. My panties are drawn up and the suspenders attached to the stockings. Both girls are working as a team on my dressing. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and sigh. “Let’s not use a dress but put my negligee on him,” suggests Sophia and she removes it from her wardrobe. It is placed about me – its pale pink colour matches my lingerie. My Mistress takes me to the full length mirror. I smile and look longingly at my image now wishing it reflected the real me. As I look I cannot help myself and I mince and preen. I feel beautiful, I feel feminine, I feel female! The girls laugh as I walk around the bedroom catching glimpses of myself in each mirror I pass. I know I am their pantyboy now.     Sophia is enjoying every second of their conquest and clearly wants to take things further.  “Why don’t we take her down to your boutique; you said Celia was there stock taking and I am sure she will delight in providing a full outfit, especially as there are no customers being Sunday.”   My Mistress looks at me and I am no longer shocked at the prospects of things to come. The life I lead before is vanishing. “Would you like that little one?” she asks and as my heart throbs I cannot resist. “Thank you, Mistress, that will be nice.” I shyly and sweetly respond as my female persona seems to be taking control. Sophia loves it and I am well and truly hooked.  “I will ring Celia now,” says My Mistress as she takes her mobile phone from her hand bag and dials. “Hi Celia, how are you fixed for the next couple of hours, could you remain at work after finishing the inventory?” There is a pause. “That’s great,” responds My Mistress, “No, there is no problem, I just want you do dress my little pet for me!” My Mistress laughs out loud at the response she receives and then adds, “You’ll love her!” She closes her mobile. “Ok?” enquires Sophia. “Perfect!” answers My Mistress.   It seems strange dressing in my man clothes again and I find my new nails a problem to get used to. Once dressed I approach the full length mirror in the bathroom. My clothes do not suit me any more. I look so girlish with my hair highlighted, wavy and cut, with my make-up, especially my eye lashes, eyebrows and lips and finally my wonderful nails. I see a marked lack of bulge at my crutch as my testicles are still well tucked away. Sophia comments as she enters behind me, “Hello beautiful; there is no way you can pass as a man anymore!” She smiles wickedly. I return to the bedroom and My Mistress smiles. “Well, Sophia has done a good job!   You look very sexy as a girl dressed as a man!” Sophia enjoys this and laughs, “Come on you two, let’s get to the boutique, I can’t wait to see what Celia can do with our new toy!”   Within the hour we arrive outside the nearest of My Mistress’s boutiques. I am worried about leaving the car but as My Mistress has access to the trade entrance we are soon inside with no trouble. As we enter the retail area Celia approaches. “Hello Celia,” My Mistress greets her, “I want you to meet my little pet.” Celia smiles at me as I am introduced. “Good morning Madam,” and then turning to me, “Hello,” she smiles, ”Aren’t you lovely.” I blush and suddenly become very aware of my new appearance. “Please to meet you,” I respond shyly. Sophia sighs a gleeful smile. My Mistress details her requirements. “Celia, I would like you to dress my pet completely from head to foot. Lingerie, stockings, shoes – everything. If we start with a pretty dress with a full bodice to the neck, with shoulders and a long sleeve, a fairly tight high waste band and a full flare to disguise her lack of hips that would be good. Length I think to just above the knees as she has good legs and ankles. We need a substantial corset to condense her waist and a gel bra as she, as yet, has no breasts. Perhaps a basque with built in gel bra would work.” Celia smiles and starts to search. My Mistress invites me to look around, “It’s what girls do dear” she adds.   Celia brings a host of clothes and takes me to a dressing room to try them on. I am surprised when she stays with me as she invites me to take off my clothes. I stop at my pants but she gently suggests that, if I am trying on lingerie I need to be naked. I remove my pants and she sees my tucked and taped crotch. “Someone has done a good job with that,” she smiles and then commences to fit me with the items she has selected.   It takes an hour and I eventually emerge fully adorned in female clothing. My basque is a matt satin boned corset trimmed with lace, with a gel inserts and lace-up back with suspended straps. It is complete with matching G-String.   My waist is duly shaped and narrowed.   The black lace stockings and red shoes match my red dress which has a full bodice and a tight waste from which it flares to just above my knees. From the puff shoulders chiffon sleeves descend to cover to my wrists. The heels of my red shoes are not too high to stop me walking in these early days – they shape my legs and ankles to a very feminine form.   My Mistress is delighted and Sophia gasps. “My, what a gorgeous girl you are!” “I think some jewellery would be nice Celia,” My Mistress suggests. Before long I am wearing a stunning black choker necklace with matching clip on ear rings. I have a red enamelled ring with jewel inserts and a bangle of black beads. “I think a black purse would be nice,” Celia observes. “Of course!” says My Mistress. Celia brings a lovely black purse suspended on a strap which fits over my shoulder. The purse rests on my hip.   The task is complete, Celia is thanked. She moves towards me, draws me to her and kisses my cheek, “You are lovely and I have enjoyed dressing you. I know I will see you again.” She wishes us good-bye, she gives My Mistress my man clothes in a carrier bag and we leave the shop but by the front door this time. I stand in the street aware that I must walk as a woman walks. I try but fail and Sophia laughs. My Mistress tells me not to worry and that she will teach me how to move later. I look at my reflection in the shop window. I turn to look in profile and enjoy the bulge of my breasts, my only regret is that they are artificial. “Come on pretty girl, into the car,” My Mistress asserts as she opens the car door. As I turn a guy in his middle thirties smiles at me as he passes. I smile back. As I get into the back seat I pause and turn to watch as he walks on. To my amazement he turns back to take another look and is clearly embarrassed when he is caught out. “No flirting you naughty girl,” My Mistress mocks and pats my bum as I climb in. I love it all!   Sophia drives the car home and we enter through the remote controlled gate and then the automatically opened garage door. The door closes behind us and I experience a slight tinge of regret as I realise my captivity is about to be re-established. My life as a pet pantyboy is destined to continue.   We pass through the kitchen and My Mistress leads me upstairs. It is by now mid afternoon and although I am desperate to relieve my bladder again I would rather stay as the girl I am than return to the pet I seem destined to be. “Right darling,” My Mistress says, “One more look at yourself in the mirror before we put you back in your little cage.” I plead to be allowed more time but I am not allowed to do so. “You may dress again another weekend, perhaps for a little longer. “Please Mistress,” I beg but she turns and sternly states, “I expect you to be good and to do as you are told without question! Is that clear?” I see a side of her I have not experienced and I am shocked into a submissive response. “Of course Mistress, I am sorry Mistress – please forgive me.” “Good girl, that’s more like it. Now undress and leave all your lovely new things on my bed – we will ensure they are put away nicely for you. You may take a shower to help remove the adhesive tape from you genitals. You may keep your make-up on for the time being in case you wish to look at yourself for a while.  Use the loo and brush your teeth before returning to your cage.” “Thank you Mistress,” I meekly respond.    

(To find out what happens next go to Story 3 entitled ‘Ultimate Submission’ in ‘Love the idea of being sub-fem to females’  

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