Ultimate Submission


Story 3

(Continuation of Story 2 called 'Feminisation - From Hair and Make-up to a Red Dress' in ' Love the Idea of Being Sub-fem to Females')

Ultimate Submission  

It is the second day of my captivity in the home of Sophia and the beautiful woman who has so soon taken on the role of My Mistress. The meeting I should have had with my wife is no longer possible and she will by now have returned from her two days away to discover that I have gone missing without trace. During the day I have been made to face the feminine side of my nature and my masculinity has been seriously challenged. Longings from deep within my psyche have re-emerged after years of denial and I find that the enforced feminization imposed by My Mistress and her lover Sophia have excited me beyond belief. As I lie naked and encaged in their bedroom, all my skin now smooth and hairless, I look back on a day which began with my temporary release only to be strapped into a chair to be forcibly feminized with make-up, bleached hair and a perm. Then followed my dressing by the store manager of one of My Mistress’s boutiques and the joy I experienced has seriously compromised my former attempts to rid myself of desires to be female.   My new red and black outfit has been taken from me and I lie strangely contented as I find myself at the mercy of two beautiful females.  I wonder what is to become of me.  The room is dark and my hunger and thirst remind that I have not eaten or drunk anything today. The curtains are drawn but I know it is now dark outside. I suddenly become aware of female laughter and the sound of voices coming up the stairs. Light from the landing floods the room as My Mistress enters with Sophia close behind. The bedroom light is turned on and My Mistress approaches my cage. She crouches and smiles at me.  “Come to here little pet,” she says and I cannot refuse. On hands and knees I approach and her hand stretches through the bars and strokes my head. As I align myself with the bars her hand continues down my neck and back and she proceeds to stroke me as if I were her pet dog. However, the feeling as she pets me is sublime and I make my enjoyment clear as my eyes close and I sigh. Sophia giggles and joins in stroking my back while My Mistress now strokes my face. Her hand turns over and its back passes across my lips. I cannot help but kiss it and the moan which leaves my lips expresses my pleasure but also my submissiveness. Her hand turns again and, as her forefinger crosses my lips, she pauses and I find myself gently sucking the knuckle, my eyes again closed in ecstasy.   Sophia cannot believe what she sees and stands behind My Mistress to watch.  “Good little pet,” coos My Mistress, ”Who’s a good little pet?” With this her hand returns to stroking my head, neck and back. But this time her hand continues over my buttocks, between my legs and on until she is gently holding my testes. My erection is huge and I sway from side to side, my eyes closed and my sighs are audible. “Now little pet, “My Mistress whispers, “Remember that from now on these are mine.” There is a pause before she continues; ”Do you understand?” The sexual stimulation I am experiencing is profound and I do not answer in my distraction. Suddenly the pain in my testes is considerable as they are violently squeezed and My Mistress snaps, ”Answer me! “ I gasp with the pain and rapidly respond, “Yes Mistress, yes, I understand!” “What do you understand?” she asks, her domination of me becoming apparent. I gasp again as the pain intensifies, “They are yours, Mistress!” “What are?” she shouts as the strength of her grasp increases. “Mistress, please!” I cry but she continues, “What is it that now belongs to me?” “My balls, Mistress, my balls; please no more…..!” The pain is extreme and I cannot continue. Her grasp eases and her tone moderates; “Good. You are a good pet and you must remember what we have just agreed.” Her hand returns to stroke my back, my hair and then my face. Suddenly I find myself once again kissing, licking and then sucking the knuckle of her forefinger. My Mistress draws my face to the bars and kisses me as she strokes my hair.   The pain in my testes is soon forgotten and, as my eyes close at the heavenly sensations I am experiencing while I am being kissed and then petted again, I do not see Sophia’s reaction. I hear her whisper,  “Bed time, darling.” I open my eyes to see that she has approached close to My Mistress and is gently stroking her hair. As Sophia notices my look she seductively starts to remove her own clothing while My Mistress continues petting me. I am aware that My Mistress knows what Sophia is doing as she slowly withdraws her hand, kisses her finger and places it on my lips. Meanwhile, Sophia is now reduced to her bra and panties and her stunningly slim and perfectly shaped body brings a gasp to my lips and a renewed hardness below which in turn draws a wicked smile for Sophia. She moves into My Mistress and slowly unfastens the neck of her dress. Whatever fasteners exist down the back are undone. My Mistress whispers with deep meaning, “Sleep well, my darling,” as she slowly stands. Her dress falls to the floor and Sophia proceeds to unfasten the beautiful lace bra beneath, seductively casting it aside.   I watch transfixed, my huge erection causing me no embarrassment, enjoying My Mistress’s breasts, full but perfectly shaped, her areolae dark and her nipples erect. She does not turn away as Sophia slowly and tantalisingly slides the matching panties to the floor allowing me to glory in My Mistress’s beautiful nakedness while Sophia stokes her hair and starts to caress her shoulders, her sides, her hips. As Sophia’s hands venture first to My Mistress’s breasts and them slowly down to her pubic bone I realise that her pubic area is completely devoid of hair.   Then, to the left and slightly higher than her pubic bone above the crease where her thigh meets her abdomen, I see a tattoo of a butterfly in full flight. It is beautifully drawn, about 5 centimetres across and has the most intricate wings and antennae. “You are not the only one who enjoys a hairless existence,” My Mistress softly states as she glances at my crotch and back, enjoying my gaze, and I see you like my butterfly. She then adds, “And we really must do something about that erection of yours!” As I wonder what she means she slowly turns to face Sophia who smiles and seductively removes her bra also. My Mistress, constantly looking into Sophia’s eyes slowly bends to her knees and, with her face level with Sophia’s navel gently slides her panties to the ground. Sophia steps out of them and My Mistress kisses her finely trimmed pubic hairs.   Immediately I notice that Sophia also wears a tattooed butterfly in exactly the same place as My Mistress who slowly turns to me and then back to Sophia to gently kiss it. Sophia looks down at me with victory in her eyes. She raises My Mistress to her feet and slowly and seductively kisses her. Their tongues begin to explore each other’s mouths and their hands gently explore each other’s bodies. Sophia withdraws her tongue, moves back and, once again with the look of victory in her eyes as she faces me, she draws My Mistress towards the bed. As My Mistress lies down, Sophia lies beside and, leaning on one elbow, begins to stoke and massage My Mistress’s breasts before falling on them with her sensuous mouth. My Mistress moans with pleasure as my erection returns. Sophia’s hand slowly moves towards My Mistress’s navel and slowly strokes her belly before caressing the butterfly and then continuing downwards. As this scene drives me wild with desire I have no option but to take my erection in my hand and ********** wildly. The bedside light is extinguishes and, as my eyes accommodate, I can just see My Mistress’s legs move apart as an invitation to Sophia’s gentle caress. My Mistress sighs heavily – I feel a sense of jealousy, of envy but I also want to see, I want share. I rub myself harder as Sophia’s hand accepts the invitation and slips between My Mistress’s legs. As My Mistress sighs with pleasure I *** spraying my juice over the mattress. My gasps brings a comment form My Mistress through the darkness, “That will have to stop you naughty little pet,” and Sophia giggles as I lie panting at the meagre satisfaction I have experienced.   I am awakened by daylight and the two girls busying themselves with their girlie morning ritual. As My Mistress passes me she notices as I look longingly up at her and she approaches the cage. She stands over me and is clearly annoyed with me for some reason. “Mistress?” I whisper guiltily before I realise the direction of her stare and the ***** stains across the mattress. As Sophia comes to stand behind My Mistress she smiles wickedly and asks,  “What are those stains on his nice satin mattress cover?” My Mistress glares and I stutter, “Sorry Mistress, I was ……I couldn’t help it …I…..” I am not allowed to finish. “I am aware what you have done, I heard you last night and I see the stains on your mattress!”  My Mistress is very cross. “Let me remind you, I made it quite clear that,” she points to my balls, ”Those are mine!” She storms towards the door and turns, “When pets are naughty they must accept the consequences of their actions! The time, it would appear, has come for such consequences to occur!” With that she slams the door and I am left considering her words with deep concern. Sophia comes to the cage and whispers, “What a naughty little pet you are but don’t worry, you will soon become a good little pet!” With that she smiles and then follows My Mistress closing the door behind her.   I lie and consider what has just occurred and am deeply concerned at the apparent threat that has been made. What is My Mistress’s intention or was it just her way of frightening me into total submission. Eventually I hear movement downstairs and discussions. A telephone rings and is answered. Eventually My Mistress and Sophia come in. My Mistress says with surprising tenderness, “Now, we need to make you look nice again so, if you promise to be good, we will shave you, do your hair and re-do your make-up. Then you can put on your nice new clothes. What do you say to that?” I am taken a back and cannot answer. “We’ll take that as a ‘yes’ shall we?” I nod, my lips tight together in my shame.   I am released and allowed to go to the toilet and then shower. I clean my teeth and begin to feel better. Next I am guided into the chair as before.  By the time the girls have finished I am beautiful again. I am duly dressed in my lovely outfit but without the tucking of my penis which is allowed to rest pleasantly in my panties.   My Mistress adorns me in jewellery and then turns me to look at myself in the full length mirror. “Gorgeous,” My Mistress smiles from behind me.   She pauses while we both enjoy my appearance. Eventually she continues; “Now, little one, Sophia and I thought you might like a run out into the country; neither of us are needed at work today and we would like to take you to a very special place.” She smiles at me in the mirror and then, without waiting for my answer, she takes my arm and leads me downstairs, through the kitchen and into the garage where Sophia is already waiting in a large Mercedes.   Feeling some concern with regard to our destination I climb into the car and My Mistress sits beside me in the back. The garage door is opened automatically and we leave the grounds through remote controlled gates.  I tentatively ask where we are heading and My Mistress takes my hand and assures me there is nothing to worry about and that I will enjoy the experience which will follow our trip. Her hand rises to my cheek and she turns my face towards her before gently touching my lips with hers. Her smile is comforting as she says, “Don’t worry, Sophia and I want you to be happy with us that is all.”   We travel for about 2 hours, my mind racing as I consider the outcome of the journey. Eventually we arrive at a large gate in a high wall and, as we approach it I can see a stately looking building with several cars parked outside. The gate opens after My Mistress has introduced herself into an intercom beside the gate post. As we drive up to the front door a nurse comes out to meet us. I am slowly guided into the building where we are taken to a lift. The first floor is achieved and we are lead to a room where a nurse asks My Mistress to help undress me before clothing me in a white surgical gown.  The room is clean and bright with a changing cubicle to one side, a window looking out over the grounds and a table with two chairs. I look to My Mistress in some confusion and ask about the need for a surgical gown. “What is going to happen to me?” I ask in alarm. My Mistress takes me by the hands and leads me to a chair. “Now come and sit down, I want to talk to you.” Sophia leaves us alone with a smile as she decides she will walk in the grounds while she waits for us. “Now darling, do you feel nice in your lovely dress and gorgeous make-up? You do enjoy being beautiful don’t you?” “Yes Mistress.” “Good, and this is the way you always want to feel isn’t it?”  I slowly nod a sort of agreement unsure of where the conversation is heading. “You like being my little pet, I know you do.” She pauses. “Now we don’t want to spoil what you clearly enjoy being with problems like the ones which took place yesterday, when you made that horrible mess on your lovely clean mattress do we? “No Mistress, I am so sorry.” She takes my hand, looks into my eyes and says very gently, “Now, I have arranged for you to come here this morning where you can undergo a small procedure. As a result you can be free of those feelings which caused the problems last night and then you can really begin to feel like the girl pet I know you truly want to be.” There is a pause. I look at her and she slowly lifts her hand and stokes my face. “I don’t understand Mistress – why do you say you want a girl pet? I thought it was all a game, a fantasy. I’m still a man even though you are dressing me and making me up.” Her smile becomes a look of mild surprise. “You have enjoyed the experiences we have shared and I know you enjoy what we do to you.” “Yes, Mistress, but……” She interrupts me, “I know you want to continue with this new adventure, don’t you?” I cannot resist, “Of course, but I…” “Good, then let’s get you undressed and ready for my friend who is waiting for us.” With this she begins to undress me, a process which I revel in forgetting my concerns. Once naked she places the gown around me as a nurse knocks and enters drawing a hospital trolley into the room. She invites me to climb on and lie down. I look towards My Mistress who takes my hand and ushers me towards and onto the trolley. As I look up at her I feel a slight scratch on my arm and turn quickly towards the nurse who simply states, “That will remove all your doubts and fears my dear.” She smiles and I look back at My Mistress as already I feel a soft gentle wave of comfort overtaking my worries.  She pauses and gently kisses my forehead before smiling down at me and saying. “I know that this is what you truly desire.” Her gaze seduces me into accepting her wishes. She waits for my answer and as the injection takes its course I cannot deny her and sleepily respond. “As you wish Mistress.” “You will be happy my darling, it will be something you will enjoy. In no time you will feel wonderful, I promise. And I will be with you all the time.” And my forehead is gently kissed again.   As the trolley progresses down a corridor My Mistress walks beside me. We enter into small room with double swings doors at the end with the notice ‘Operating Theatre – Quiet Please’ above them. It is cold and I shiver. The nurse explains that the area is always kept cool.   Soon another nurse enters through the swing doors and collects the trolley while the first nurse helps My Mistress into a surgical gown and covers her mouth and nose with a mask and her hair with a cap. I am now filled with a feeling of peacefulness and calm as the trolley is carefully positioned beneath a bank of powerful lamps.   A woman also wearing a cap and mask then enters through another door holding her hands high, both clothed in surgical gloves. She glances across to My Mistress and they exchange a silent greeting while the nurse, now also wearing a surgical mask, lifts my gown to expose my legs, thighs and belly before swabbing my abdomen and legs with a liquid which feels cold as it touches me. I feel a large cold plastic pad being placed on my left leg followed by various pieces of what feels like waterproof sheeting around my thighs and bottom with slightly adhesive strips which are stuck to me to keep them secure. Then, with no further ado it is explained that I will be given three injections. I feel My Mistress’s hand clasp mine by way of comfort and I slowly turn my eyes to look up at her. In the distance I hear, “The first will be into the left spermatic cord above the scrotum,” and then I feel the sharp soreness of an injection as the needle goes in followed by a slightly unpleasant dull pain as it arrives at the cord.  Then another injection on the other side but this time not so much pain. Within seconds any discomfort has ceased.  I begin to realise what is taking place as the final injection enters into the centre of my scrotal sac which results in a sore burning feeling. The pain does not last long. I look into My Mistress’s eyes again and try to speak but she kisses her finger and places it on my lips to quieten me.  “Don’t worry, little pet, all will be well very soon,” are her comforting words. Another injection enters my right thigh administered by the nurse who whispers that it is an antibiotic injection.  After a few minutes the surgeon explains that she is about to make a 2cm incision and then use a diathermy unit to burn around the opening to seal it. During this process I sense her moving down the line of the cut somewhere between my legs and then I smell burning flesh. A trickle of liquid seems to be running from the cut and to my alarm, I see puffs of smoke. However, the only feeling I have is an occasional warm sensation against my inner thighs near the area where she is working. Again I look to My Mistress who strokes my hair whispering, “Shhhh, my darling. Not long now.”   Then the surgeon warns, “Now I need to isolate the spermatic cords and the arteries and clamp them and you will find this the most unpleasant part of the procedure.”  I can feel the cords where they pass away from the scrotal area into my lower body being tugged and then I hear the clamps being attached followed by snipping and burning of the cords. I am suddenly fully aware of what has just happened to me and I want to escape the feelings of peace and calm in which my mind and body seem held. The surgeon stands up straight inspecting her work and then states simply that all that needs to be done is to stitch me up. One of the nurses takes over and the stitching takes very little time. Although I feel the occasional dull entry of a needle and a sense of pulling as the stitches are tightened I have no great discomfort. While the nurse completes the stitching the surgeon speaks and informs me that the stitches will need no further attention as in time they dissolve but that I may experience some bruising around the area. She moves back and indicates that, once the stitching is complete the nurses may tidy me up and with that she nods to My Mistress and leaves the theatre. The sticky sheets are peeled off and another trolley is wheeled in for me. I move across very carefully leaving behind the brown stains and some blood stains. I feel tearful as I am wheeled out of the operating theatre but My Mistress touches my arm gently and assures me that I will be alright now.    As I arrive back in the room where my clothes are and as the calming effects of my initial inject begin to recede, I glare at My Mistress demanding, “What have you done to me?!” before bursting into tears. She embraces me lovingly and says, “Now little one, you don’t have to worry about how those nasty male parts make you feel anymore. You will become gentle and peaceful with no more days like yesterday. You will be so happy and contended.” She kisses my forehead and then moves to the door. “I have to see your surgeon to settle a few things – don’t worry, your Mistress will soon be back to look after you.” The nurse then suggests as she leaves that I lie quietly for a few hours and that then perhaps I might like to have a cup of tea.  As I lie resting I contemplate what has happened to me. I realise that I am no longer a man but something in between. I wonder how it will change me; My Mistress said I will be happy and contented. I wonder if it will be so?   Eventually, I think I have slept, a nurse offers to take me to a bathroom. My Mistress has not yet returned so I accept. I am helped but don’t feel too sore. In the bathroom I sit on the toilet. I cannot pass any water but notice the bruising underneath the brown stain of the disinfectant. I tentatively look at my scrotum and it appears my balls are still there. I look in horror, or is it with relief, to the nurse who confirms that the swelling will go down and that my scrotum is definitely empty. I try to understand the significance of her smile.   When I am returned to my room My Mistress is waiting and has a large bag containing what she describes as my medication. She helps me dress and then I am helped to the lift and on to the car where Sophia is waiting. My Mistress sits in the back with me and, as we slowly pull away My Mistress lowers the window as my surgeon appears on the front steps, waves and calls, “Enjoy her!” and My Mistress calls back, “We will!” She squeezes my arm. Her hand moves to her large hand bag and she draws something out. She turns to me and gently says, “I told you they are mine and always will be.” I look down and realise that, contained in a small jar are my testes. I stare in horror at them but My Mistress lifts my chin and looks deeply into my eyes. She smiles and whispers, “Now your manhood is mine you can be my little girl pet for ever.” She leans towards me and gently kisses my lips. I am aware of Sophia smiling in the driving mirror.    

(To know what happens next go to Story 4 entitled ‘Maid’ in ‘Love to read about enforced cross dressing experiences’)


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Guess he is now owned by his Mistress. What a story and more to come.

i love your stories `s` thank you