Our First Cuckold Experience

After our first time together I served Debbie just about every week. Sunday afternoons would find us sneaking out to the garage apartment where Debbie would do whatever she wanted to me and make me do whatever she wanted me to do. Lately I would dress as her maid Fanny and I would clean the apartment, clean the bathroom, or attend to her needs or wants such as massaging her feet, and giving her a manicure or a pedicure. She only allowed me to ********** about once a month, and I would usually get a spanking afterwards.
Debbie and I became best friends as I was still too young to have a girlfriend according to my mother. We went lots of places together and Saturday afternoons would find us always going somewhere together. Most of the time we went shopping, to the library, or to a matinee, but Sunday afternoons is the time that I most enjoyed. Debbie also became great friends with my mother, and mother had even taken to refer to Debbie as her daughter. This was her way of saying that I would marry Debbie and that is the only person that she would even consider. Of course I would never consider marrying anyone but Debbie. We were very much in love with each other even though we were very young. I told Debbie how much I enjoyed seeing her wearing red once, and shortly after that my sister told me that Debbie was serious about me. I asked her what she meant and Debbie was showing her the new clothes that she had bought. She then asked Debbie why she had so many red clothes and that is when Debbie told her that I liked seeing her in red. She also told her that she wanted to marry me, but Joyce didn’t tell me this until after we were engaged.
As much as Debbie loved me I think she loved my mother just as much. Sometime when she would come over and if mother was there they would end up in her room talking. Once Debbie came over on Saturday to go to the library and she started talking to mother and after about an hour I asked her if she was ready to go and she told me that I should go by myself. Mother then added that Debbie was right and I should go so they could stay and talk. One Saturday we came home from the library and Debbie and mother began to talk and they went into mother’s bedroom and I was left alone for over two hours. I had a lot of school work to do and I got a lot of it done. It was almost 6:00 when they emerged and Debbie said goodbye and went home. Mother told me I should find something to eat in the refrigerator as she was going to leave around 7:00
I was in my room reading and about 7:00 mother came into the room and Debbie was with her. At first I thought Debbie was going with her wherever she was going and then she dropped the bomb on me. She told me that she was leaving now and that Debbie would be staying with me. She also told me that I should do what she said and that she gave Debbie complete control when she was gone. I couldn’t believe what she was saying and I asked her if she meant that she wanted Debbie to be my sitter? She said that was exactly what she was saying and that I should obey what Debbie told me to do. I told her that I was almost 14 and I didn’t think I needed a sitter. I told her that I had stayed by myself many times before. She corrected me saying that I had never been left by myself, and all the times in the past that I was referring to someone was always with me. Most of the time my sisters were with me when I thought I was by myself. I thought about this and I realized that she was right. I couldn’t remember anytime when I was left totally alone. As I was thinking about this my mother told me to kiss her goodbye and she turned her cheek to me. I would always expected to kiss her cheek when she wanted me to and I did accepting the situation created for me. Debbie and her walked out of my room and I sat back down at my desk. Debbie returned saying that she wanted me to take my bath at 8:00 and then go to bed right after that. I told her that I was allowed to stay up late on Saturday. She told me that well not this Saturday and that if I wanted I could read in bed. Then it hit me. We would be alone for at least three hours, and I began to imagine what she had in mind for me. Maybe she would allow me to *** since it had been quite a while since I had been allowed to ********** for her. I went back to reading with dreams of humiliated ************ floating in my head.
I was about 7:30 when I heard the doorbell and I went to the foyer and stood there while Debbie opened the door. She let in a blond young man about 6’ tall and I recognized him as Mike, one of Sean’s friends. As a matter of fact he was one of the two guys that were in the pool when Sean had me suck his ****. Debbie introduced him and he was sneering as he told her that we already knew each other as we had met before. She then told me to go back to my room and go back to reading. I told her that I wanted to get a coke before I went back to bed and she told me that if I was thirsty then I should get a glass of water as she didn’t want the caffeine to keep me up. I got the glass of water with my humiliated dreams of ************ turning into nightmares of solitude.
At about 8:00 Debbie came into my bedroom followed by Mike and told me that it was time for my bath and that I should get my pajamas, and she walked into my bathroom. I heard the water running as I got my pajamas and joined her in the bathroom. As I walked in I noticed that Mike followed me in the bathroom which I remember at the time I thought was rather strange. Debbie was bent over the tub testing the temperature of the water, and as she rose up she looked strange for some reason. It then hit me that her blouse wasn’t tucked into her skirt which I don’t think I had ever seen before. I also noticed there was a button skipped on her blouse. I quickly filled in the blanks realizing that Mike had probably being feeling her up and looking at Mike I saw that his belt was missing which I was sure that he was wearing earlier.
Debbie stood telling me to go ahead and get ready for my bath. I asked her if she meant that I should get undressed with both of them in my bathroom. She responded that she had already seen me naked and from what she understood Mike had already seen me naked and more. Mike added yeah, Rob and I was there and watched as he sucked your brother’s ****. Then laughing Mike added Sean told us later that if he wanted he could have punked him and he would have taken us all on. Debbie looked back at me and said now come on it is obvious that you have nothing to hide. It dawned on me that she was humiliating me as I felt my little wee-wee getting hard. I removed my clothes and Debbie took them as I took each piece off. Soon I was standing there naked and Debbie looked at me saying that I was supposed to keep myself shaved. Mike added that every time he saw me I had a little hard-on and then laughed. Debbie told me to get into the tub and when I was done to get my pajamas on and then come tell me. She and Mike then turned and left leaving me sitting in the tub with my hard-on completely underwater.
I finished my bath and then got dressed and went into the living room. When I first walked in I saw that the room was dark and the new gas fireplace was burning. I saw that someone was sitting in the big chair in front of the fire. I went over and saw that Mike had Debbie’s blouse open and he was sucking on her breast. She had her arms around his head and she was holding him to her breast. Then I noticed that his hand was under her skirt and then I noticed her panties were on the floor in front of them. I had to tell them I was ready for bed and Debbie opened her eyes and looked up at me and then stood up and buttoned her blouse. I saw that she didn’t have her bra on and I didn’t see it on the floor. She stood up and pulled her skirt down to cover herself and followed me to my room. As I left I noticed her bra on the couch and turned back to her and saw her kissing Mike and then tell him she would be right back.
We went back to my bedroom and I got into bed. Debbie sat on the edge of the bed and I asked her, “Your going to have sex with Mike aren’t you?”
Debbie smiled and replied, “Yes I’m going to have sex with Mike, and he is going to **** me with his big ****, and then he will stand up and *** in my mouth while I’m kneeling at his feet.” She looked at me and then quickly pulled back the covers and grabbed my hard little stiffy saying it excites you knowing I’m going to let Mike **** me doesn’t it. She then leaned close and almost whispered, “If you’re real quiet you can sneak to the door and watch me if you want”. I did and she stood up and smiling took me by the hand led me down the dark hallway. There was double doors opening up into the living room and the doors had pieces of glass in them and they were covered with a curtain. She motioned for me to kneel down by the door and then she walked in to the living room. She stopped and closed the doors and locked them and she left the curtain only covering half of the center glass.
Debbie turned back to Mike and began to unbutton her blouse as he sat in the chair watching her. She removed her blouse and I could just see the bottom and side of her lovely breast. She looked to her side and unbuttoned skirt and I could see that she was looking at me. She turned back to Mike as she let her skirt fall to the floor and then completely naked she stepped out of her skirt and walked to Mike. She guided him up and with his back to me she began to undress him. When she had Mike ******** down to his boxers she knelt before him and pulled down his boxers, and when they were pulled down she returned back to his **** and lifted it up and I could see her take him into her mouth sucking his very big and hard **** getting him harder if that was possible. After about 5 minutes she stopped and then sat back on the carpeted floor taking his hands pulling him down to her. He knelt down between her legs as she spread them wide exposing her lovely jet black hair covering her pretty *****.
It didn’t take Mike long to lift her legs a little as Debbie guided his **** into her ***** and then lay back as Mike began to **** her. He held her legs up and got a good rhythm going as she laid there taking his **** and moaning her urgings to him. I could just barely hear her as she told him how much she loved his ****, that he could **** her anytime he wanted, that she was so glad when Sean got her to **** him and the other guys from the team, and that she wanted so much for him to *** in her mouth. My ears burned with humiliation at her admissions and surrender to his **** ******* her.
They ****** for about 5 minutes then Mike pulled out and turned her around and put her on her hands and knees and then began to **** her some more. It only took a few minutes before Debbie began her first of many *******. I laid there and watched as she was in the middle of a intense ****** her hand slipped and she fell to the floor causing her to cut her lip and her nose to bleed a little. They ****** like this for maybe 10 minutes but I don’t really know how long or how many ******* she had until Mike turned her over on her back again. He continued to **** her and he was holding her hips up close to him and he was banging into her hard and fast. Debbie was flailing on the carpet as Mike was pile driving his **** into her *****, and then pulled out and urged Debbie to get to her knees so that he could ***. Standing up with his long hard **** waving around Debbie finally got to her knees and guided his **** into her mouth. She sucked him for a few moments and then suddenly stopped and looking up at him said something that I couldn’t hear. I guess Mike said something to her and she got up and moved off to the left towards the front door. I was wondering what she was doing and then I heard the door I was at unlock and it opened very quickly. I froze as they both stood there looking at me. Mike said, “Damn he’s a peeper, what a pervert.”
Debbie looked at me and said, “If you want to see I think you should come in here. Come on”, she said urging me into the living room. I had been playing with my little wee-wee while I was watching them and Debbie stopped me and said look at this, and then she jerked down my pajamas bottoms exposing my tiny little wee-wee while Mike stood there with his large **** sticking out and waving around. Debbie pointed to a place right in front of Mike saying you can get a good view from right here. When I didn’t move quickly enough I felt the belt that she had in her hand that I didn’t notice contact my side and one of my butt cheeks as she said, “Now get over here and kneel down here now”. I did as I was told and Debbie told me to get Mike’s **** in my mouth and start to suck him. I looked at her and then I looked up at Mike standing and laughing at me, and once again when I didn’t do what she said quick enough she swatted my butt and she did it very hard. Without thinking I grabbed Mike’s **** and put it in my mouth and began to suck his ****.
Mike laughed and then moaned that felt really good. Debbie laughed at me telling me that I was going to suck Mike until he came and that I had better do it good. I sucked him and I was really starting to enjoy having him **** my face. I loved the taste of Debbie’s *** and enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being made to suck him as he ****** my face telling me I was going to suck him good and then swallow all his ***. Debbie said something that I didn’t hear and Mike slapped the side of my face and looking down at me he told me that he was going to enjoy being the first one to **** Debbie when we started to go steady. Debbie then added yeah, I’m going to have to find someone to **** as he won’t be ******* me. Mike was really slamming into my face now and then with a particularly hard thrust shot a large glob of *** in my mouth and then with his hand on my forehead pulled his **** back and then while jacking himself shot glob after glob of his *** in my mouth. When he had finished he told me to swallow and then they both laughed and playfully gagged making fun of me.
Laughing Mike turned to her and then looking around for his clothes picked up his pants and started to put them on. As he was doing this Debbie turned and I kneeling there on the floor panting watched as she picked up her purse and pulled something from there and turning to Mike and after he had his pants on she gave him a twenty dollar bill and then putting her arms around him hugged him close saying, “Oh thank you for ******* me. I just loved the feeling of your wonderful **** stroking my *****.” Mike looked at her and then asked, “Is this all you have”, and she told him no and went back to her purse and picked it up and pulled out some money and gave it to him telling him that she only had $17.00 more and he could have it all. Mike took it and said this will do for now as he stuck it in his pants pocket. She looked up at him asking him if he would **** her again soon, and he said yeah he thought so. Debbie smiled and then asked if he could **** her on Wednesday. He thought for a moment and then told her that he thought so and that she should call him on Monday to make sure.
Debbie looked down at me and told me to get to my room and get into bed like a good little boy, and she stroked my butt again with the belt when I didn’t move fast enough for her and said loudly, “Get!” I pulled up my pajamas as I went back to my room and got into bed laying there in the dark. After about 15 minutes Debbie came into the bedroom and turning on the light I could see that she was still naked and just so beautiful with a kind of glow about her. She sat down on the bed next to me and smiling asked me if I enjoyed that? I understood what she was asking and then it dawned on me that she did all of this just to humiliate me. I had to say yes because I was as hard as a rock. A tiny rock yes but still very hard from watching Mike and Debbie ****. Still smiling she pulled the covers aside and reaching down pulled down my pajamas exposing my tiny little dickey. She reached down and pushed it to one side and letting it go watched and laughed as it snapped right back up just as hard as ever. She told me to take off my pajamas which I did and she mounted me lowering her hairy mound right down on my face. Debbie had natural jet black hair, and the whitest skin I had ever seen. It was such a contrast and her eyebrows and eyelashes were so beautiful there was no need for her to use make-up. Her ***** hair grew in a natural perfect triangle and grew just a little down each side of her labia causing her hair to get soaked with her pee whenever she peed.
I licked her for a long time loving the smell and taste of her. She touched my little wee-wee from time to time and I was trying to not ***. She stopped me and told me to get up and go into the bathroom. I knew that she was going to have me lay down in the tub and then either squat, sit, or stand over my face and pee. I was so hoping that I wouldn’t *** while she was doing this as I felt as I was just about to ***. She looked at me and then told me to wait a minute. She was gone for what seemed like a long time and then she came back in and she had a pair of tongs from the kitchen. She knelt by the tub placing the tongs on the underside of my little wee-wee she squeezed them together and put a rubber band around the handle holding them in place. It really did hurt a lot but my hard-on immediately died as she stepped into the tub and squatted over my face. As she did this I asked her why she always wanted to pee on me? Bending forward looking between her legs she smiled and replied that she thought this was the most humiliating and degrading thing that she could do, and that she loved to degrade and humiliate me. She asked me if I liked her humiliating me, to which I responded, “Oh yes Debbie, very much.” Looking up at her beautiful ***** I saw it pulse once and then a quick shot off to the side and then her strong solid stream shooting out of her and right into my mouth. I swallowed as many times as I could loving the taste of her lovely golden pee.
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