This Last Weekend (true Story)

This last weekend my wife went away with her lover, the difference this time is that she told me up front that there will be sex. Up to this point she has been maintaining that they are just friends. Well she left Thursday night for his place the plan was they would leave early the next day with another couple and drive up North for a weekend getaway. According to her he was planning on sleeping on the couch and they would wait until in the hotel to consumate there friendship.


I heard from her on and off throughout the weekend. She returned home early Sunday and the first chance we had to get away we took it. She reported to me that while she did have sex, it wasn't all that good and she wasn't sure she would do it again. I expressed to her my dissapointment that it wasn't that good. She later stated that they were starting to plan another getaway during the summer.



I have heard from him, and got a somewhat different version. The sex started Thursday night with more of it on Friday and Saturday night. She had multiple orgasisms and as usual hungry for more. (For what it is worth, I believe his story over hers)


My thought is that even though she grudgling included me so that I know now about it, she doesn't want me to know how much she really enjoys ******* him. I am hoping that in the future meetings she will open up and tell me how good it really is.


He and I have started a series of emails, started by me in response to a note that he had sent home wiht her to me, thanking me for the gift. I responded that he was very welcome and that she had indicated how much she enjoyed the weekend. I copied her on this email. He responded thanking me for the email and saying he had been concerned about my reaction (This was for her benefit) and that he feels we should get together to celebrate the new relationship. He has promised to me that at this dinner I will get to see him kiss her!

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Dec 5, 2011