Topless Saturday

Last Saturday I took the wife to a strawberry fair. After about 10:00 pm I decided to leave because the fireworks hadn't started and I was tired. The wife spent the day walking around the craft fair looking at hats and searching for a new larger purse. After listening to music and having some real good southern fried chicken by an all black female crew, we decided to listen to music and wait for the fireworks. My wife was already braless in a white shirt underwhich you could see her ample **** jiggle as she walked. We decided to leave and after we left the fair ground about 5 minutes later I said to my wife "Take your shirt off". Whenever we come home from the beach or a night out I usually convince my wife to ride home topless. I like to squeeze her 34 B cups while driving, it relieves the boredom. This night was no different. We drove about an hour and a half home with my wife topless in the front seat. As we stopped in front of the house the wife put her hooded sweatshirt on and into the house we proceeded. Once inside I had her remove her shirt and walk around the house topless while we fed the dogs. We got home a little late and they were glad to see us and anxious for us to feed them. BTW that profile picture of an oppossum was taken on another saturday night with my wife topless in the car. I let the two beagles outside around 11:30 and they started barking at the Oppossum on the fence. I snapped several pictures and used one for my profile pictures. On one of these trips I will try to convince my wife to walk to the house topless. Meanwhile, I have another friday evening dinner trip planned complete with a her wairing a see through blouse no a bra and possibly walking back to the car topless. I hope to take some pics too.
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Great story !!!

I love it when wife rides naked...

Good luck to you on your project. There is little more exciting than having sucess in getting the wife to walk around topless. Its a fun challenge, and from personal experience, I can tell you that the reward is worth the effort when the sucess happens. As I said, goo luck, and of course, please keep us all informed of you anticipated sucess.<br />
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