Miracles In Modern Days

Conversation is a good way to establish acquaintance.
Instant communication facilitates a myriad conversations daily.
I am thankful to the Bab for the spiritual revolution that
re-establishes the unity of the human race.
I am thankful to Samuel Morse for the technological revolution
that takes us to the virtual world.
Now, all human beings of these modern days
can consult instantly through these two worlds
to solve our global problems and create a new Age
of peace, prosperity and progress
pukirahe pukirahe
2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Clear faith and wise comment.<br />
Wishing that you won't miss this<br />
gift of everlasting life at Christ's<br />
second advent.

How would once miss this gift when he has returned as a thief in the night?

The next era we have to look forward to is when Jesus returns to earth and prepares paradise for us to live in with Him for 1,000 years and then after the 2d judgement for all eternity if we are faithful to Him. It is good to read the bible on the internet too :) Many questions can be answered.