To Touch, To Caress, To Kiss And Lick

 My favorite way to explore a lady just using my fingers, hands, lips and tongue. I begin my journey kissing her eyelids, the tip of her nose, her soft lips and tasting her tongue slowly exploring every square inch of her. I caress, kiss and lick her neck and then her ears very slowly watching her reactions before kiss down to her beautiful breast and her hardening nipples my hands cupping her ample but very soft breast. I lick and suck on her nipples while my hands caress her, licking down the valley between her now heaving breast as her breathing starts to get deeper. My fingers slowly travel down to her soft hair on top of her mound feeling that she is already damp, my tongue starts kissing down over her stomach licking her belly button before moving down to her very sensitive, throbbing and very wet lips. I love making a woman soaking, dripping and oozing wet her juices running down her legs and the crack of her butt. My tongue starts to explore her inner world tasting her juices while my tongue probes deep inside her then moving up to that spot that sends her body into a shaking, squirming, twisting and exploding world. I love tasting her juices that run down my throat and over my face, her body heaving up against my mouth as she screams over and over again as she continues to have ****** after ******. My tongue slips down farther licking her juices getting closer to her little brown spot full of her *** and as my tongue touches her there she explodes squirting her juices all over my face her legs wrapped around my head squeezing me while they tremble and shake until all is quiet.
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8 Responses May 23, 2012

Mmmmm nice ;-)

Wow..very desc<x>riptive. Good story.

That is amazing love the desc<x>ription.

Thank you, I love touching a woman.

great desc<x>riptions. I especially love the "sends her body into a shaking, squirming, twisting and exploding world" that is perfect because that is exactly how it feels if it's done right.

I can tell you how much I liked your story in two simple words. TOUCH ME!

Thank you, being able to feel a person next to you and she loves the touch of a man all over her is great.

yeah I thought you were a chick for a second like I have had similar being wet onto my bum. I dont know if other chicks get frustrated as I do when I get to wet slippin around with no of my sillyness<br />
real nice job good imagery :)

Thank you and you are welcome.