A Lovers Touch

Some times I think I live to visit my lover.

His touch, his hands, the way his body pushes against mine, crowds me in.

His knee, pushing betwwen my legs, rubbing me.

His hands holding my head, his lips plundering mine, traveling to my neck and marking me.

His hand, under my chin, keeping it up for his lips to devour me, taking what he wants, making me crave more.

The way he pulls my hair back away from my face, gently while pushing my head down onto his shaft...showing me what he wants and how he wants it.

The way he comes up behind me in public, pulls me back against him, wrapping his arms around me, makes me feel warm, wanted, needed.

When we hold hands, his thumb will caress and rub. A reminder he is still here.

His grip on my hips when he needs to spend his load, makes me come again..I love to feel him lose control.

His touch is my foreplay, I am always ready for him.

lacythrills lacythrills
46-50, F
2 Responses Sep 5, 2012

wow what a powerful story, thanks for sharing

Wow sounds beautiful!!! Very nice lacy thank you for sharing ;-)