Sweet Explorations

Your skin is so smooth, the coloring so beautiful. I love to run my fingertips over your shoulders, down your chest. Circle a nipple, lightly pinch and watch it grow hard. I hear your breathing become deeper, you kiss my head.

My fingers continue their journey, seeking to know you, discover you, what you like, what is sensitive. You love to be touched.

I flatten my hand and run it slowly down your rib cage. I circle your navel, it is rougher here. There is more hair and courser, masculine. I follow the trail down, and run my fingers through your public hair. It is thick and wiry, yet soft too. I play there for a long time. Running my fingers through it over and over.

You lay there and let me play. I run my hands down your strong thighs, the hair here is courser too. So male, so you. You work out to keep those thighs strong and thick, and it shows. I love to feel the muscles in them.

I move back up, and touch your neck, strong and corded. I lean down to suck one side, I leave my mark. I run my lips down your neck..you are getting restless now. My lips travel over a shoulder, I begin to suck and lightly bite. My hands run over your arms. It always thrills me to touch your arms. I cannot even wrap my hand halfway around it. I love them wrapped around me.

I move my hand up to your face. You are starting to grow a beard. I run my fingers through it. It is soft, I love the feel of it. I lay my head on your shoulder, and just stroke through your beard, sometimes cupping your face and just stroking it with my thumb or fingers. Your hand is on my back, lightly rubbing.

We are content and peaceful. A powerful touch creates a sweet surrender.

lacythrills lacythrills
46-50, F
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Beautiful :-)