Yearning To Hold Another Woman

I yearn to feel the softness of another woman.
Holding her, touching her, kissing her soft lips. To have her holding me, her knowing touch exciting me.
I would love to spend a night cuddling, carressing, kissing, exploring each other slowly, to taste her.
I ache to feel her soft body next to me, tracing her womanly curves with my fingertips.
lindapureone lindapureone
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I think my wife is slightly curious - and I don't think I'd mind if she found a special friend to experiment with

So do it. :)

easier said than done haha :)

mmmmmm i would love to do this with you

and you know i would love that too ;) xxx

hope to talk to you soon

Your words are having a real effect on me. I love them.