I was never much of a touchy feely person. I would rather not hug, never put my hands on people, and never needed to cuddle. But I have noticed that now things have changed and since I have no interaction with my husband I think about touching and how much I want someone to touch me.

I now crave the feeling of someone's hands on my skin. Crave the warmth of another body against mine. Crave a loving hug, feeling someone cares. I think about it all the time. It's not necessarily sexual, but just having that closeness and intimacy. 

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I love to cuddle, hug, kiss and caress a soft, warm woman. to smell her hair and run my fingers through it.

You described my situation at this very moment as accurately as it could have been done. It's driving me crazy, the need to be touched, rubbed, carassed, loved,-----

Touch is a basic human need. In one job I was taught to offer to do a persons nails. It gives a reason to be holding their hand for half an hour. No-one ever refused. They might be a bit reluctant the first time, but never again. For many of them it may have been the only caring touch of the week. For especially lonely people I used to carry hand cream.

Hi Soul..
I saw a interview on TV a few weeks back that relates to this very thing ....the need for a loving touch .
The young woman being interviewed has started a business where she hires herself out ( for an hour , or overnight ) to men who just want someone to cuddle / snuggle with.
They are full clothed , in P.J.s , and there is NO sex involved.
They just cuddle and touch ( not sexual touching ) .
Some clients just want to spoon , others want to have her next to them with her head on their shoulder.
She has clients of all ages, 18 to 80, maybe older.
She is in high demand and i believe there or more women offering this service, maybe men too .
Everyone needs to be touched .

Wow, that's interesting. I am looking for a job! LOL

If you advertised right here at EP , you would be run off your feet !

Heheee! :)

If you offer to travel far and wide , and have the client pay travel costs , you could see the whole world, while you're at it....!.

I couldn't see doing that unless the PJs come off - not saying there has to be sex, or even fondling, but without skin-on-skin contact you might as well snuggle with a pillow.

Yes , i get that .
I'm sure that's a service that they provide too , at a cost.
Hell, it's always been an option from sex workers. I'm sure they are very thankful to get those requests more often than the other ones.

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We have a similar thing happening in our lives..My wife does;nt want me to touch her But i long to run my hands over a women.s body again ...Caress her hold her tight...Have that feeling of togetherness The Feeling of real intimacy The feeling only a tender touch can bring ...we need the same thing a body close to ours.....

Yes, it's part of what I want. There are other things as well but this is certainly important. Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

Wow, that sounds like my story: never touchy-feely growing up, etc, but years of a sexless marriage have made me crave contact. I finally got a "fix" a couple of days ago - and I was lucky enough to be with a woman who really enjoys touch, which made it that much better. <br />
<br />
I loved the sex, but falling asleep wrapped around each other was even better. And waking up still wrapped around each other was the best of all. The power of simple human contact is stronger than I ever imagined it could be.

Yes! I often think of sleeping with someone not sex. So true.

Don't get me wrong - the sex was an important part of the experience. If we'd never had sex, sleeping together would have felt frustrating, not empowering. But now that we've crossed that bridge, if I had to choose between sex and then going home, or cuddling all night but no sex, I'd probably take the cuddling more often than not. That's not to say that the sex was bad - it was very good - just that cuddling is more powerful than I realized.

...and now that the relationship is over (long story), I'm going to miss the cuddling a lot more than the sex. Let's face it: with the internet it's easier than ever to get a workable substitute for sex - but you can't download a human touch and you can't cuddle with your laptop. That's got to be done in person.

been there.... i believe thats why i cheated... not an excuse but i think that was the reason why.

I understand. And now? Where are you?

still married and trying to work through this. my wife doesn't know that i cheated on her but in a way it made me feel good i know it was wrong but it was a very nice feeling...