Where Are Android 64 Bit Devices?

64 Bit A7 chip in iPhone 5S and future iPad is TWICE as fast as any Android devices all of which are still on 32 bit chip by default.

We have all heard about media and market analysts lambast and rubbish Apple's iPhone 5C sale figure in the last few days. However it seems most have forgotten about the longer term implications.

1) iPod has a few models catering for different users and situations. This has been successful. So why is that iPhone could not have several models concurrently.

If the rumoured 4.8" iPhone is true, then there will be it, S and C models. Some people will find the large screen to their liking. Some stick with the 4" S phone. And some are ok not to have most up-to-date technology in C model.

2) Has anyone considered that within 1 year if not earlier, the C model will also have the new 64 bit chip in it?

This alone will make it a much faster phone than Samsung Galaxy 4 and Note II, HTC and any Android phones. Indeed, even before Samsung Galaxy 5 and Note III are for sale they will be out of date in technology term against the 2014 iPhone C model.

Yes, folks, unless Samsung is also using 64 bit chip, its new 2014 line up will be behind Apple's iPhone C model by the end of 2014.

Anyone heard of rumour that Samsung is using 64 bit chips in Samsung Galaxy 5 or Note III for 2014, please let me know.

3) Assume that Samsung, HTC, Google (Motorola), Sony, Huawei, LG etc bring out 64 bit chips for their 2014 phone-tablet line up, would Google be able to up-date its Android to 64 bit capability y 2014 end?

It took Eric Schmidt in 2006 telling his Google people about Apple's iPhone initiative. However it took Google late 2008 to bring out Android. So how soon will Google transform Android to 64 bit technology?

4) Indeed, how soon will hundreds of thousands of apps for Apple's iOS and Google's Android to be upgraded to 64 bit technology?

Apple already have upgraded iOS7 and all of its own apps for iOS to 64 bit even before iPhone 5S was introduced.

In the announcement for iPhone 5C and 5S, a major game developer demonstrated their app that's upgraded to the 64 bit technology. They claimed they got it done with just one person in 2 hours. That is the way Apple facilitates and supports their software developer community.

But how long will it take Google to do similar for Android?

5) Indeed, all Android phone-tablet makers have their own unique software as part of Android OS. How well and how soon Samsung of the world that are not software experts to make their own software 64 bit optimal?

My bet is that all of iOS device line up from Apple- iPhone and iPad- will have 64 bit chips in them by end of 2014 if not earlier. This will mean, no matter what, all of Android phones and tablets are out of date if 64 bit chips are not in then or/and Android not updated to 64 bit.

And yet, we have some in media and market analysts still focus on the current C model..... They seem to forget about the implication from 2014 on for the C model..... 

Think about this.....
VentNote VentNote
56-60, M
Sep 24, 2013