I quite adore the fact that he's completely and utterly insane for no solid reason. His plans, though usually foiled are well thought out, and he gives whoever amuses him at the moment quite a run for their money. I also adore how his origins are quite muddled. No one knows exactly who he was before he was the Joker. Where he started....his birth name. I mean, there was the whole "vat of chemicals" thing that was supposed to turn him into the Joker. I just think its amazing how after a ridiculous number of years we still know next to nothing about who he was before he became our favorite cackling villain...who states himself in The Killing Joke..."Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another... if I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Ha ha ha!"

There're several theories as to how he became who he is, but they change constantly over time and leave you with nothing but a sense of longing.

The original artwork for the joker was inspired by Conrad Veidt from the 1928 silent film called The Man Who Laughs. (pictured below)

Now, as to the whole Jack/Heath arguement. I personally think Jack's look was much more true to the original character, but found that his comical take on things was a bit...forced. Heath however, captured the true being that the Joker truly is. His portrayal was flawless, in my opinion.

So yes, if it isn't obvious by now, I love the Joker.

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lol, nice head shot.<br />
But hey...who doesn't like making that face?<br />
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I agree with the mystery of his origins, makes the character less tangible. Like he's just a force of chaos that exists for the sake of existing.