Mr. Brightside

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Me too

I like your profile
I'm Antonia
contact me,
here is my private
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] - [...(¨ `v´¨ )...(¨ `v´¨ ) °°... ;

Thank you for commenting ThatCrazyKitty !

Thank you Charlie uniform long time no see !


it was only a kiss, how did it end up like this?

One of the best sons about insane jealousy ever

The cray stuff that goes through your head when you imagine the one you want with another.

Striking without warning.

Thanks all !

Thanks buzzcock !

our band plays that song. It's cool!!

Don't forget it !!

Mr. Brightside should have been your EP name. Sunshine, sunshine, always sunshine.

Thanks gem1967 I like this song >>>>>>>

Thanks fairbanksmfmwife !

Wow, that's my man's Fling name! HAHAHAA.... Love the Killers too... I actually lhave everything they have ever done...

Thank you Broken shell....

Love The Killers!!! :D

RT, your monotonous! lol ;)... I will make you listen to the whole next time I see you muhahha!!!

Dorothy, check out the song Read My Mind :)

Thanks Ropin !

I can't stand this's so...monotonous.

I think you would. Not sure if they have others. Have to check youtube Dorothy !

I liked that song... so would I like some of their other songs?