Mr. Brightside

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Me too

I like your profile
I'm Antonia
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Thank you for commenting ThatCrazyKitty !

Thank you Charlie uniform long time no see !

it was only a kiss, how did it end up like this?<br />
One of the best sons about insane jealousy ever<br />
The cray stuff that goes through your head when you imagine the one you want with another.<br />
Striking without warning.

Thanks all !

Thanks buzzcock !

Don't forget it !!

Mr. Brightside should have been your EP name. Sunshine, sunshine, always sunshine.

Thanks gem1967 I like this song >>>>>>>

Thanks fairbanksmfmwife !

Wow, that's my man's Fling name! HAHAHAA.... Love the Killers too... I actually lhave everything they have ever done...

Thank you Broken shell....

Love The Killers!!! :D<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
RT, your monotonous! lol ;)... I will make you listen to the whole next time I see you muhahha!!!<br />
Dorothy, check out the song Read My Mind :)

Thanks Ropin !

I can't stand this's so...monotonous.

I think you would. Not sure if they have others. Have to check youtube Dorothy !

I liked that song... so would I like some of their other songs?