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I'm Not The L Word........however.......

You know,you don't have to be gay to like this show. This is just a good show!

My friend had the DVD collection and I watched it with her and I got hooked. All the characters and the story lines are so real. I can appreciate what they go through without having to be gay. A lot of the time I can even relate.

I'm writing this after getting a lot of flack for watching it. Some people would tell me,'You have to be a lesbian to like that show.' Funny,these are the same people who like to watch movie like Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Hmmmmmm. =)
berrybunny berrybunny 26-30, F 3 Responses Nov 11, 2012

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It's on Netflix now!!

Well said!!

Yes, that last line's funny. I've not seen the programme myself, don't usually watch tv. These days I'm interested in a show called... I keep forgetting the name. The one with the geeks in it. Can identify with them :)

I love that show too!

He amuses me,I wish I knew someone like him.

That's the programme! I don't know the names of the characters, but I can tell you, I do identify -- not sure if that's a good thing :)