I Love Shane

i really love katherine aka shane in the L word . i dont why ... but i always wanted to see her vids and pics. everyday after i go to work i check my comp and watch shane in youtube every now and then. i like her style the way she move the way she kiss i also like her images her voice her physical herv personality .. all of her!!! wahhh help me guys. dats y my gf get jealous sometimes. :)
tamitamtam tamitamtam
22-25, F
3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

ahh yeah i'm ******* love her. don't worry, i stalked her everyday too. lol. we got the same feeling. the way she moves and talks, her voice. ahh...

I know why... because she┬┤s freaking gorgeus!

Shane was always my favorite as well. I used to idolize her and her style really helped me to discover my own. I've always played the "stud" in the relationship but although I don't wear dresses or anything extremely girly, I do dress like a girl, not a guy. Basically, her character, minus the cheating and not being able to hold a monogamous relationship, is how I am.