Jenny Jenny Jenny!

So, recently I have been getting caught up on watching the series....I am in the middle of season 3 and after I got done with season 2, I realized just how alike I am to Jenny. For instance, she practically went off the edge and was in the mental hospital for a nice period of time... I have been there, and it is not some place that I wish to re-visit. To me, Jenny seems soo lost in her life and isn't quite sure where she wants to be, or what she wants to do... her story has evolved tremendously throughout the 3 seasons that I have seen, and I am sure that she will evolve even more in the next couple of seasons... I love love love love Jenny. Her and Shane.. Shane reminds me of myself as well, but not to the extreme that Jenny does. This show has caused me to reflect upon decisions and actions that I have taken in the past, and also has had an affect on future decisions that I know I will make.  Jenny dies... prematurely. I have always had this gut feeling that I will too, the funny thing is that it doesn't even scare me. I don't know excactly where I stand in the aspect of religion and the after-life, but I know that some day, for some reason, (which I am unsure of at this moment), I know that my name will be well known... Most likely for writing a book.. aka memoir, but until that day, I am the girl that will take dangerous risks and do crazy things just to gain the experience... I am well on my way with that already... I crave excitement and change... I'm stuck in a rut right now, and I don't know how to get out of it, unless I move again... which, is a really good possibility... I can do anything I want to do. :)  Once again... (sorry about getting off on that tangent) just another reason I like to compare myself to Jenny. Her and I are on the same page, almost entirely.. It's scary.



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Eek - that does sound scary...but in a way it's kind of good, maybe you can learn from Jenny's mistakes? I love Jenny too - she's fab...but I'm not really like her xxx