WOW! The last two episodes of season 3 were CRA-ZY!!! Episodes 12, and 13 if you aren't sure what I'm talking about. There was soooooo much action in such a small time frame. I am not surprised they would take it off the air and leave it online because DAMN that killing was ruthless! Zaheer certainly got a sock in it and his clan of killers are no more.... Not until the rest of the red lotus is discovered of course. Anyone have an idea on what they should do with ba sing se? I am also not surprised that Korra is so depressed... She went through ALOT! That's as close to realistic as you can get. But on a good note she survived, along with everyone else that truly matters! OMG did you see that bolin is a lava bender?!?! Sorry my mind is all over the place from how great this all ended. The fighting scene and the graphics were just AMAZING! Oh! Congrats to Jinora! She really proved herself worthy this season and is finally a master! (her little crush is also extremely adorable). But moving on! Lol
MysticallyForbidden MysticallyForbidden
22-25, F
Aug 23, 2014