My Favorite Game Off All Time.

my god do i ever love some zelda! twilight princess was the best altogether i thought but the bosses were too damn easy.

second fav would have to be ocarina of time cause for one it was the first 3d one and adult link with big goron sword owned.

third is link to the past and links awakening, those were the first ones i beat and are considered classics in my book.

worst one i thought and the one most ppl disagree with me on  was majora's mask.... i beat it, no... i destroyed that game and it had solid game play but i thought it was all around dumb BUT some of the masks were pretty cool though. *cough* fierce deity link *cough*

Doxtah Doxtah
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3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

oot made me cream my pants when it first came out.<br />
that game was ******* epic.... but that water temple first time playin through made me want to kill someone.

yeah tp was ftw!!!!! and i never tried that glitch before, if i someday EVER play mm again i will try that.

Love TP and indeed the Fierce Deity Mask was pretty great. I just wish you could wear it outside of dungeons. Without glitches, I mean.