Best. Game. Ever!

This game created the rulebook for all 3-D games to come out.  Ocorina of Time got hooked from the start.  There are only two complaints, though.  Ocarina's water temple was probrably the hardest level in any Zelda game to date.  Also it doesn't include the overworld theme. 

I first played Ocarina in 2002, so a few years later, when I got a gamecube, I bought Wind Waker.  This game was the best in the entire series.  It had the best graphics and best characters, but one complaint.  The tedious boating.

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

I love legend of zelda.. the water board ****** me off in orcarina of time and twilgiht princess.

oh man the water temple pissed me off the most in the series.... i was stuck in it for like 2 weeks, if i remember it was that one last key under the waterfall you needed the iron boots for near the end of the dungeon that i couldn't find forever ( i was 12 or 13 back then lol) and the boat in windwaker gave me nightmares up until this day lmao.