Not Me.

the libraries have betrayed me too many times.

i used to go to my local library growing up all the time, but it wasn't long before i'd read everything there that interested me. i ended up just rereading the same favourites over and over again. there was no growth, no adventure. whenever i went i would desperately hope that there would be something new, but no. and whenever i went there to look for something specific it was never there. i gave it the "it's not me it's you" speech and we went our separate ways.

the library at college did absolutely nothing to heal my wounds. they never had what i was looking for. no one employed there was helpful, or even friendly. everything was out of order. i gave up.

libraries are wonderful ideas, but i've never encountered one that was anything except a sham. a white sepulchre containing nothing. a mere amuse bouche, with no entree to follow.

thank God for borders and 

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I'm fortunate to live in San Jose, CA, with not only things available at the libraries, but also online links to databases and e-books everywhere. The main branch, located next to SJ State, has paper and electronic media in more languages than I have seen anywhere. I will agree that most of the people who work there could care less about customers, but that's pretty much the case anywhere today.<br />
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Borders, etc., in the Northern CA area seem to have an increasingly-limited selection.

i don't know. they're evil.

Heck yes it was! Why are Atlanta-area librarians such hateful people? Everyone in there was mean, and I could never find anything.

ugh, and i HATED having to go to the gsu library for high school stuff. it was just a miserable nightmare from start to finish.

yep. pretty much.

Srsly. It is. They have CRAP in that place. It's all romance and children's books.

i know, isn't it!!!<br />
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but i guarantee the ones in atlanta are even worse.

By the way, the library near where you grew up is seriously the most sucky library I've ever known. And most little colleges have crappy libraries, too. Don't let these unfortunate bad apples ruin the whole barrel for you.

yeah, it was a beautiful sort of thing, while it lasted. <br />
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wow!!!!! that sounds nice!

LOL.<br />
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I never knew about this. What an excellent story.<br />
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Anyway, one day when you come visit me, I'll take you to the University's library. Since I'm a staff member, I can borrow books for an ENTIRE TERM! You can check out books on my name and keep them for months. Here, they have (mostly) everything you could ever dream of. I promise. :)

Yes. No respect! And before that happens, you'd have to suffer the indignity of having people conduct loud conversations in their outdoors voices AND spilling food and drink all over the place in the closet. Discipline is paramount!

exactly. if i let one book go without proper documentation, what'll be next? waking up to find the shelves completely empty, most likely.

One must never underestimate the importance of protocol! Can't just have people coming in and taking the books willy nilly! Chaos would ensue. Riots! End of the world as we know it!<br />
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I heartily approve of sticking to form!<br />
<br />
And yes, there goes EP again, tickling the unihorn memory. :)

i was pretty anal about it. i remember one time my (now) stepbrother was spending the night with my brother at our house. i was in bed reading, and the step-to-be came into my bedroom and asked if he could borrow one of my calvin & hobbes books. even though it was the middle of the night and we were both in our pajamas i made him sign the book out. i haven't thought about that in forever....see how ep makes me remember things?!?

O_o<br />
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Wow. So your first career was as head librarian of the Closet!! Talk about highly precocious biblioacumen!<br />
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How cool is that? :D (Or, how cool are you, if you want to take it that way :P )

okay, so when i was living at my mom's house i had my closet converted into bookshelves. it was a small little walk in space with almost floor to ceiling shelves. i was so proud of it. i arranged all my books according to genre, then author, then book height. and i had a check-out/check-in sheet that said who had borrowed the book and when it was due to be returned. and if it was late then fines were charged (sometimes even paid.) my grandparents would donate spare change to the library's fund. i never got around to spending it though. it's probably still there in the basket on the shelf in my shrine of a room.

Good luck. :) I'll remind you if you forget. ;)

i refuse to acknowledge said possibility. <br />
that would be fun. i actually had a "library" when i was younger. i've got to go to a dr's appt now, but hopefully i'll remember to tell that story when i get back.

Maybe, given the possibility that heaven is not actually a ginormous book paradise, and instead a giant arena for seraphs doing extreme sports tricks on jetskis and bmx bikes, you could open your own library? :D