It Saddens Me

As a child I visited the library at least once a week and usually left with 4 books.  I loved staying up at night and reading under my blanket with a flashlight.  I got lost in the adventures of the character and was fascinated with lives more exciting than my own.  I grew up in a small town so it was fun to read the old check-out cards to see which neighbors and friends had read the book before me.

Later as a busy adult, reading took a back seat to more urgent priorities, however I always look forward to a nice rainy weekend, to settle in and grab a book I've purchased, but seldom manage the time to read.

Sadly though, due to necessary local budget revisions, many of the public libraries in my area are either closed or have limited hours of operation.  The shelves are mostly empty and sorely neglected.  Mostly now I use the university library or the local bookstores.
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

Following Sahira's comment; I to prefer books that have had other readers. I almost always buy used rather than new books. I enjoy the dog ears and underlining. Noting another's salient points and comments adds to my enjoyment and opens another window into the author's intent that I may have missed. Oh yeah, used books are less expensive (squeak, squeak... as NDD wanders off holding his wallet tightly)